Where women become confident English speakers.

Join a community of women with shared goals for speaking practice, support, and growth on your English confidence journey.

The Confident Women Community is an online community where women practice speaking English with support through monthly learning materials and expert guidance to gain true confidence.

The path to English fluency and confidence is a journey.
A journey that can be difficult and confusing if you’re doing it alone.

Fear and frustration. Doubts about your progress. Uncertainty about what to practice.
Loneliness when you can’t communicate. Feeling discouraged. 

Those struggles in the English confidence and fluency journey are real.

Even more so if you’re naturally shy and introverted.


The Confident Women Community

Inside the Confident Women Community, you'll join women around the world to get

• Speaking practice with like-minded women who share your English goals. 

• Support with monthly learning materials, weekly practice opportunities, and live workshops in a safe, supportive environment. 

• Growth in your English confidence and fluency through guidance from our expert Fluency Coaches and consistent practice.

We want to join the English confidence journey with you, speed up your progress, and have fun along the way.


At Speak Confident English, our mission is to empower every woman to get the confidence she wants for her life and work in English — no matter where she was born, where she lives now, or how shy or stuck she feels.

Creating the Confident Women Community brings together women from around the world to do just that.

“It is a truly amazing platform and community that gives opportunities for the overall development and improvement of all skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and much more. I guarantee that anyone who decides to try it and become a member of the CWC will not be disappointed.”

Zuzana from Slovakia

“What I love most about the CWC is the positive energy inside the community with most women sharing their experiences, struggles, and valuable advice.”

“And to find not only one but two amazing speaking partners. We meet once a week and discuss the roadmap and other topics.”

Rocio from Venezuela

I feel elated being a member of CWC. We feel so safe and loved here.

“Though it is meant for learning English speaking, it’s far beyond it, with a loving feeling of having budding connections with many fantastic ladies around the world, with amazing ideas, where we could break through the limits of boundaries.”

Jinsa from India

Inside the Confident Women Community

How It Works

Practice Speaking in a Safe English Environment

For intermediate to advanced-level English learners and speakers, our private members-only platform makes it easy to focus on your English practice in an entirely English-focused community.

There are daily opportunities to practice in safe, supportive environment so you can make progress, no matter what your schedule might be and no matter how shy or nervous you might feel now.

At every step, you can choose how much or how little you want to participate. We know life is busy, so we designed a customizable, flexible immersive experience that is always available whenever you have time for your English practice.

Grow Your Confidence through Supported Practice

Growth and confidence happen when you combine real-life practice with support.

Inside the Community, we'll help you find discussion partners who share your interests, commitment, English level, and time zone so you can practice together and support each other consistently.

You'll practice real conversation with women around the world in our live workshops guided by our English Fluency Coaches, gaining motivation and inspiration to continue on your English confidence journey.

We’ve made it easy for you to meet others and get consistent speaking practice.

Get Clarity & Guidance

Receive monthly study guides so you always know what to practice. 

Our downloadable learning materials give you a step-by-step path to help you gain confidence in your English conversation skills with new topics and vocabulary every month.

You'll make progress with weekly practice opportunities that improve your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and speaking skills.

"Since I joined the CWC, my use of everyday English has been more natural and confident. Also, my vocabulary has expanded considerably. It’s a safe place in which one can improve one’s language skills thanks to high-quality activities, invaluable cultural exchanges and authentic interactions with talented women."

Ester from Sicily

"I love how every woman in this community walks the extra mile to help another woman in her journey. This is a community of wonderful women, where everyone believes in BETTER TOGETHER."

Paramjit from India

"I love the safe space we built to talk about everything. Also the opportunity to meet women around the world and understand that I am not alone in this awesome journey."

Paula from Argentina


No – it’s better. It’s a non-stop opportunity to make progress.

The Confident Women Community is like joining a book club, a professional networking association, or a local gym/yoga studio – you have access to resources and practice opportunities any time you want.

Our learning materials, practice opportunities, and support are always available to you, month after month.

When you join, you’re immediately surrounded by other women with shared English goals. Common interests. And a similar commitment to the English confidence journey.

Everything happens on our own safe, private, members-only online platform.

Speaking practice. Support. GROWTH.


In the Confident Women Community, our goal is to make it easy for you to learn English and practice your skills so you can improve your English confidence and have fun doing it. 

Step 1


Download Monthly Study Materials

Every month, we provide study materials so you don’t need to worry about what to study. We solve that problem for you.

We learn together with downloadable study materials called CWC Roadmaps. We share 2 roadmaps every month: on the 1st and 16th days of the month. 

Every Roadmap

  • introduces new vocabulary
  • reviews related grammar or pronunciation topics
  • provides conversational questions for practice
  • includes activities for further learning 
Themes & Topics
To learn effectively, we focus on a theme every month. Themes include

  • Relationships
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Development
  • Arts & Culture
  • Travel & Recreation
  • Hot Topics/Current Events

Our CWC Roadmap topics relate to the monthly theme. For example, if the monthly theme is Personal Development, a Roadmap might focus on How to Find Time for Self-Care or Find a Balance Between Work and Family Life.

Step 2


Weekly Practice Activities

After you review our monthly study materials, it’s time to think about practice. And if you’re not sure how to practice, we solved that question. 

Every week we share new practice activities for 

  • vocabulary
  • grammar/pronunciation
  • speaking skills

With each CWC Roadmap, you have multiple opportunities to practice. That means you get the repetition you need to learn, remember, and gain confidence.

How to Practice
In the community, we welcome all learners and learning styles.

You can participate and practice however you feel most comfortable.

Members can participate in our weekly practice activities by

  • sharing audio/video
  • writing their answers
  • practicing with a conversation partners
  • keeping a personal practice journal or notebook

If you feel too shy to practice by audio/video but you know you need speaking practice, we can help you expand your comfort zone step-by-step.

Make Progress with a Busy Schedule
We know you are busy. As a result, we design activities that typically take 15 minutes of time. 

💡Our recommendation to make efficient progress and avoid feeling overwhelmed, choose 1 practice space for your first 1-2 months in the CWC. 

It’s tempting to try everything at the beginning.

However, you will make more progress and feel more successful when you start with small weekly goals. You can always do more as you build an effective habit and if you have more time.

To do this, select one weekly practice activity for at least 1 month. Do it every week consistently.

Our most successful students follow this strategy to experience swift progress.

Step 3


Speaking Practice
Speaking practice is your direct pathway to English confidence and fluency.

That’s why we offer multiple opportunities to get real speaking practice inside the Confident Women Community.

You can choose what is best for you based on your availability and preference.

Workshops with Coaches
Every month, we provide workshops on the same topics of our CWC Roadmaps: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversation.

This means you'll get to use what you're learning in real conversations. 

👉Most of our members join 2-4 workshops per month, although you can join as many as you’d like. There is no limit.

These workshops are led by me (Annemarie) and Fluency Coaches on the Speak Confident English Team.

Every Fluency Coach has been selected and trained by me. 

All workshops are on Zoom and we record ALL workshops so you can watch the recordings if there is a workshop you missed.

Member Meet-Ups
Our Member Meet-Ups are designed to give you speaking practice in a short period of time and in a relaxed environment. They also give you the opportunity to ask questions.

All in 30 minutes of time.

The Member Meet-Ups are hosted by our Community Moderators and are ideal for

  • New members 
  • Members who want to meet others
  • Join Members who don't have a lot of time but want speaking practice
  • Members who want to enjoy casual conversation on current topics

During your first weeks in the Confident Women Community, you will also find some Member Meet-Ups for New Members Only.

We want to create special opportunities just for you to connect with other new members and get speaking practice in a comfortable environment.

Member-Hosted Discussions
Like you, every woman in the Confident Women Community may have expertise in her area of work and/or in an area of interest. 

For members who want to host conversations with others in the CWC on these areas of interest, we have opportunities for them to do so. Anyone in the community is welcome to join.

Conversation Partners
Inside the community, we can match you with an ideal speaking partner (if you want one) for consistent practice.

To match you with a conversation partner, we consider your English level, time zone, interests, and more.

Like everything in the CWC, this is 100% optional. We want you to find the best practice method for you.

About 50% of our members have a speaking partner or a small group. And we can help match you to an ideal partner if you’re interested.

There's More


Every woman in the CWC has a variety of interests and areas of expertise. And every woman enjoys learning in a different way.

To make your experience even better and to help you easily connect with other CWC members, these bonuses are automatically included with your membership.

These are bonus add-ons to our primary learning material when/if you have time.

Like everything in the CWC, these are 100% optional.

Podcast Club
If you enjoy listening to podcasts and learning new vocabulary in English, the CWC Podcast Club is an ideal learning opportunity.

Every month, we share a new Podcast Guide with a specific podcast on the topic of our CWC Roadmaps.

Throughout the month, you have opportunities to share what you've learned + join live workshops to practice vocabulary or discuss the podcast.

Social Topics
To make it easy for you to discuss topics you care about and connect to other members, we have a special section to share information, videos, images, and more on a variety of topics.

Our social topics section is the perfect place for extra English practice if/when you have time or what to share something of interest.

Advanced Vocabulary
We have a special section dedicated to advanced vocabulary where my team and I (as well as fellow CWC members) share posts on common English idioms, phrasal verbs, collocations, and more.
Direct Messaging
Send direct messages 1:1 or to a group, making it easy to ask questions privately, connect with another member, organize meeting times, or follow up on a conversation.
Progress Journals & Success Path
By joining the Confident Women Community, it's clear that you want to make progress in your English fluency and confidence.

To help know how to make progress and track your progress, we provide these resources:

Progress Journals

With every CWC Roadmap, we share a progress journal so you can easily track what you learn and document your progress.

CWC Success Path

Your journey is customizable. With our step-by-step CWC Success Path, you can identify how to make progress based on your learning style, preferences, and level of comfort.

Your Investment

Full Access to the Community

When you join the Confident Women Community, you get full access. That means our exclusive monthly learning materials, weekly practice activities, live workshops, speaking partner opportunities, the Podcast Club and so much more.

Value: $96 per month

Your investment is $49 per month. Or get two months free with an annual payment of $490.


Are You As Excited As We Are?

We reopen the doors to the Confident Women Community 3 times per year.

Keep reading to determine if the Confident Women Community is right for you and to learn how to join us during our next enrollment.


Let’s see if it’s the right fit.

The Confident Women Community is a private, members-only opportunity open to all women from all cultures with an Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1) level of English; women who are motivated to succeed, passionate about self-development, and ready to commit to their English confidence goals.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to welcome you into the Confident Women Community.

The CWC is a good fit if you

✔ Are excited to practice your English conversation skills with other women in a group learning environment so you can support each other and learn together.
✔ Appreciate a creative learning approach with guidance on what to study + opportunities to pick and choose how you practice.
✔ Have time to practice English every week. We recommend 15-20 minutes 2 or 3 days a week. Plus extra time if you want to attend live workshops.
✔ Are looking for a flexible way to practice. Just like going to a gym, you want to choose which class or activity you want to do each day/week. You want variety in your English practice.
✔ Value diversity, empathy, kindness, generosity, and mutual respect.
✔ Have an Intermediate (B1/B2) to Advanced (C1) level in English. (If you’re not sure of your level, please use our self-assessment.)

The CWC is not a good fit if you

🚫 Are looking for an English course with lessons, classes from an English teacher, and homework. The Confident Women Community is not a course with lessons or feedback.
🚫 Want a structured curriculum with lessons at specific times every week as well as quizzes or tasks with due dates.
🚫 Don’t have the time, ability, or desire to practice English consistently.
🚫 Expect to practice exclusively with or receive 1:1 feedback from an English language teacher and are not interested in practicing in a group learning environment with conversation partners.
🚫 Prefer to practice alone or only with people who look, think, and act very similar to you.
🚫 Are still working to achieve a B1 level of English and are currently at a Beginner (A1) or Pre-Intermediate (A2) level.

Feel Like It’s A Good Match?

Fantastic! Here’s How to Join

Step 1:

Request to join with the form below.

We want to make sure you have the right level and understand that this is a women-only community.

Step 2:

Check your email.

We will confirm your request and send you emails with more details about the Confident Women Community.

Step 3:

Accept your invitation & register.

We open enrollment 3 times per year and will send your invitation to join by email.

Our next enrollment is in November, but I'm doing a 2-day surprise enrollment August 14 & 15.









The Confident Women Community is open to all women with an Intermediate (B1/B2) to Advanced (C1) level in English. If you’re not sure of your level, please use our self-assessment. Members must be 18 years old or older to join.

What Our Members Say

The CWC Experience

Yumi, from Japan, Living in France

Liz, from El Salvador, Living in the U.S.

Marianne, from Germany

Julia, from Spain

"What I love most about the CWC is the warm and comfortable English learning environment. Since joining, I am now willing to challenge myself more to present in large group meetings. The CWC not only helps us building confidence on speaking English, but also lots of life-long friendship and wisdom."

Sunny from China

"What I love most is connecting to women around the world and the diversity. I’ve found the best way to improve my English without getting bored. This is another way to learn a language, is natural and real! It's cheerful, committed and friendly. And I'm feeling more encouraged, with more confidence to interact with people in English."

Eva from Spain

"I love the variety of themes, choices, and alternatives of learning. Plus, the sense of belonging to this community. I can make mistakes and feel ok and acceptable, I can learn and developed not only in the English language but also as an individual. Since joining, I've noticed I improved my listening skills and I give myself time to think, to set up a sentence before expressing it."

Mary from Greece

"I love the CWC's inclusivity, multicultural conversations, and fantastic team with a variety of workshops. We get the confidence we need to support ourselves and encourage each other."

Marichui from Mexico

"One thing I didn't expect is the many activities, the support of the community, and the great job of the team and Annemarie. The experience changes how you learn English: fun and modern. There is support and endless opportunities for growth."

Elisabetta from Italy

"I love the friendly and supportive community that helps you grow all your communication skills in the most fun and creative way."

Rejane from Brazil
“What I love most about the CWC is that the journey of improving and practicing the English language is a joyful experience. We acquire skills and knowledge with professional guidance within a supportive environment.”

Marcela from Boliva

“It’s not only an English learning platform but also a community for women to support women.”

“It’s such a pleasure to meet so many incredible women here. We learn, laugh, and grow together as women, mothers, daughters, and wives. Please join us if you want to build up your self-confidence and improve your spoken English in a fantastic community.”

Lina from China

“I’ve been part of CWC for a whole year and I’ve met a lot of wonderful and inspiring ladies from all over the world.”

“I’m brushing up my English skills, which was the main reason of joining this community, there is a tremendous amount of kindness and respect that can be breathed and lived, and I couldn’t be happier for having made the decision of joining this fantastic community.”

Liz from El Salvador

From Annemarie

Why I Started the CWC

As a naturally shy, introverted language learner, I share the fears, frustrations, worries, and discouragement you feel in working to gain English confidence and fluency.

I struggled for years in my own language-learning process. Classrooms, books, online videos, private tutors… I did it all. But I was still 100% stuck. And frustrated.

Sound familiar?

With a combination of the right strategies, support, and a community of women to practice with, I achieved my goals.

You can do the same. You are why I created the CWC.

Inside the community, you’ll meet kind, motivated, and generous women just like you who are committed to success. And who are not ready to give up.

Together we flourish. 


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

When and how can I join?
We open enrollment to new members 3 times per year.

You'll find the date for the next enrollment opportunity in the countdown timer above.

Women who request to join and meet the level requirements (B1 - C1) will receive an email invitation to join when we reopen enrollment.

The only way to join is with an email invitation after you request to join.

With your invitation, you will receive a link to our registration page where you can choose a month-to-month or annual enrollment.

Who can join the Confident Women Community?
The Confident Women Community (CWC) is a safe space designed exclusively for women from around the world with an Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1) level of English and is open to anyone identifying as a woman.

That doesn't mean you don't feel shy or nervous when you speak. Our goal is to help you overcome those challenges inside the community.

Furthermore, women who join must be 18 years or older.

All materials created for the Confident Women Community are specifically designed for adults and for English speakers with an intermediate to advanced level.

If you're not sure of your level, please use our self-assessment.

 Why is this for women only?

The English confidence journey can be challenging for anyone. Period.

At Speak Confident English, many of our courses — including Fluency SchoolConfident Job Interviews, and Advanced/Mastering Conversation (for Fluency School graduates) — are open to men and women.

With the Confident Women Community, we've created a women-only space that serves the SCE mission to empower every woman to get the confidence she wants for her life and work in English — no matter where she was born, where she lives now, or how shy or stuck she feels.

Furthermore, this community creates deeper connections through shared interests and provides more opportunities to women who may feel intimidated by or uncomfortable with men in the classroom/community.

How much time do I need to make progress? How much time should I practice every week?

The Confident Women Community is a flexible learning environment that you can adapt to your learning style and your schedule.

Like joining a gym or a yoga studio, you can choose when and how to practice. What's most important is consistency.

For example, if you have 2 hours per week, you can make progress by reviewing our downloadable learning materials, joining a 30-minute member meet-up for conversation practice, and completing one of our weekly activities. 

If you have 4-5 hours a week, you can also participate in one of our workshops and meet with a conversation partner.

Our goal is to help you make the most progress you can with your current schedule and to help you develop a meaningful English practice.


How much is the membership? Is it free?

The Confident Women Community is a month-to-month membership, like a Netflix subscription or gym club membership.

With full access to

  • Monthly learning materials
  • Weekly practice activities
  • Live workshops
  • Community support from me and my team
  • Podcast club
  • Partner-matching for conversation partners

And more, the total value of the Confident Women Community is $96 USD per month.

However, the investment is $49 USD per month. About the same as 2 online English classes with a platform such as italki or 2 yoga classes.

We've lowered the monthly membership cost to make it easier for women around the world to join.

We also have an annual option with 2 months free for $490 per year.

When you join, your membership will automatically renew every month. You can cancel at any time.

Is there a guarantee? What if I'm not satisfied?
We offer a 7-Day Risk-Free Guarantee.

The Confident Women Community is a month-to-month membership, like a Netflix subscription or gym club membership.

You will automatically be charged every month unless you cancel your membership. You can cancel at any time.

If you join the Confident Women Community and decide it is not for you, you can cancel within the first 7 days of your membership and receive a full refund.

After 7 days, you can cancel any time to leave the community and stop future payments, but payments already made will not be refunded.

Is there a guarantee for progress?

The Confident Women Community is a vibrant online community where you can support, connect, and grow with other women on the English confidence journey.

Every individual will make her own progress and her own pace. The more time and effort you give, the more progress you will make.

Is this a course like Fluency School?

Great question! I have a long and short answer for you.

Short Answer:

The Confident Women Community is not a course - it's a community where women get speaking practice.
The learning content is also different. The Confident Women Community focuses on learning new vocabulary, reviewing grammar structures, and practicing speaking.

The Confident Women Community is an online platform where you have the opportunity to get

  • speaking practice with other members
  • exclusive learning materials every month
  • access to live workshops

Long Answer: 

The Confident Women Community is not a course.
Our community is a private online space to get exclusive learning materials and practice.
Practice opportunities include online learning activities, speaking partner practice, and live workshops.
The learning content is focused on new vocabulary plus a review of grammar and pronunciation structures.
Moreover, our members get new learning material every month.

The Confident Women Community is like joining a book club where you can meet and talk with other women who are equally passionate about books. Or joining a professional association where you get to know and learn from others.

It's a place to connect with other women from around the world, get and give support, practice speaking, and grow your current English skills through real-life practice with the support of women in the community and guidance from the SCE Team.

Inside the community, the SCE Team provides guidance and resources. However, in the community, we do not provide 1:1 support/feedback, private classes, language training, or traditional classes.

Our live workshops are group learning experiences, like joining a class at a gym or yoga studio.

Inside the workshops, our Fluency Coaches guide all students as they practice and provide corrections as needed to ensure accuracy.

The progress you make in your English skills is based on how much you participate and choose to practice inside the community.


Fluency School is a course with specific start and end dates and a structured syllabus with strategies that help students overcome fear, think in English, speak with clarity and control, and improve overall fluency.

The course focuses on communication skills, not vocabulary or grammar.

After Fluency School, our Advanced Conversation and Mastering Conversation courses are specifically designed for graduates to master their skills and advance to a new level in English in small, intimate groups and with in-depth instruction from a teacher.

Will I get personal feedback?

The Confident Women Community is a group learning experience with multiple opportunities to practice speaking with other women.

In this group learning environment, there are two ways to get feedback — from our Fluency Coaches and through other members of the Confident Women Community.

Our Fluency Coaches provide support and guidance on your English journey. Rather than use traditional classroom teaching methods, our Confident Women Community helps you use what you already know in English and empowers you to create a learning practice best suits you and your lifestyle.

Our Fluency Coaches host workshops and activities that help you improve accuracy and develop your English communication skills. When you join a workshop or complete an activity, you will receive support and feedback to guide you forward. You can also learn from others who practice with you and receive feedback.

Even better, you can receive guidance and feedback from members inside the Confident Women Community.

You'll be with women from around the world who share your English goals — women with different levels in English including those who are trained English teachers or have had years of learning and practice.

In group workshops and with your speaking partners, you'll receive feedback through your communication. This happens through natural conversation, requests for clarification, and discussions on what each of you has learned.

Please note that if you are looking for 1:1 instruction or private classes, the Confident Women Community may not be the best fit for you.

How can I join a workshop? Where do I attend? How many can I join?

All of our live workshops happen on Zoom.

We offer a variety of workshops at different times during the month to accommodate multiple time zones.

Like a group class at a gym or yoga studio, our workshops are open to all members.

👉 Our Workshop Schedule changes every month. Our goal is for our CWC members to join 2-4 workshops per month.

When are the workshops? What happens if I can’t join a workshop?

The greatest benefit of the Confident Women Community is the opportunity to connect with other women and practice together.

That can happen in two ways:

1. We will help match you with an ideal conversation partner or group based on your English level, time zone, availability, and interests. This means you can create a successful meeting schedule and practice regularly.

2. Inside our workshops, we do large and small group activities. In small group work, you'll meet other women and make connections that may develop into strong friendships. You'll also receive guidance from our SCE Fluency Coaches.

The SCE Team hosts 8-10 workshops per month at a variety of times to accommodate multiple time zones.

The workshop times may change monthly to best suit our community.

All workshops hosted by SCE Team members are recorded. If you are unable to join, you can watch the recorded session and still learn.

How will I be matched with a discussion partner?
After your first 30 days in the Confident Women Community, we will open our Partner-Matching opportunity.

We have a short survey that includes details about your time zone, English level, topics of interest, preferred practice times, and more.

After we've collected all surveys during our Partner-Matching Week, we will evaluate the information and match you to another partner (or small group) inside the Confident Women Community.

Bonus: Early access to Fluency School

Fluency School is our 8-week intensive speaking course.

Due to its popularity and the limited number of spots available, Fluency School sells out quickly.

As a bonus, our CWC members get early access to Fluency School enrollment to guarantee their spot in our course.

We provide a link to the enrollment page before it is available to the public during registration.

I don't know what my English level is. How can I find out?
The Confident Women Communicate is open to all women who have an Intermediate (B1/B2) to Advanced (C1) level in English.

If you're not sure about your level, we're happy to help; please use our self-assessment.

Is this a group on Facebook?
Good news — no! Many women in our community are not on Facebook.

We created a 100% private online space so there are no distractions and no ads.

About SCE

Speak Confident English is an online English fluency training company created to inspire, educate, and coach international women on how to build the courage and confidence they need to be successful in English—for work and daily life.

Fluency School Autumn 2023 is now closed. I'm SO EXCITED to work with my newest students.
Want to join me for the next one?


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