Surprising Secrets to Confidence for Job Interviews in English

This free English job interview class will show you how to be ready with 3 simple questions, plus:

  • How to avoid two simple mistakes most people make in job interviews
  • One easy strategy to get more comfortable talking about yourself in English
  • Proven steps that prepare you for any job interview question

100% free video training—no obligation required.

I felt truly confident for the big day.

The lessons about Job Interviews as well as the Job Interview Course were essential for my success! It helped me to prepare myself for the questions during and at the end of the interview and my oral presentation. After reading, studying and practicing I felt truly confident for the big day. During the interview and the other activities, I was relaxed and I knew if I performed as I had prepared, the position would be mine.



All the questions the interviewers asked me were part of our course!

All the questions the interviewers asked me were part of our course. Thanks for your support, empathy, kindness, and talent to unlock your students.

I start working next Tuesday and I’m very excited to get started. You’re an important part of it. Thank you again.


Brazil (Living in U.S.A.)

A life-changing experience, especially for shy people like me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, support and guidance through such a challenging process.

I believe your courses are much more than learning English. It could really be a life-changing experience 🙂 Especially for shy people like me.

I am saying it not only because I achieved my goal of getting a job, but because I feel different as a person: more courageous, positive and definitely more confident. I think all the skills that you teach us are very important in everyday life.




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