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*Registration for the March 2017 Challenge is now closed.*

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The FREE 10-Day Fluency Challenge

Designed specifically for Engish learners with an intermediate level or above.

Use your smart phone, computer, tablet or laptop to join for 10 days of daily speaking practice.


Speak English Daily

Practice speaking with daily speaking tasks on a variety of topics and grammar forms. Join a private Facebook group to learn about the daily tasks and meet others from around the world. Use your smart phone, computer, tablet, or laptop to join.


Personal Feedback

With each of your speaking tasks, you’ll receive feedback and support from your English teacher and the Fluency Challenge community. The more you practice, the more you’ll improve.

Grow Your Confidence

Build your confidence and fluency in English through daily practice and communication with others around the world. Learn new vocabulary and improve your grammar skills.

Fluency Challenge: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fluency Challenge?

The Fluency Challenge is an opportunity for you to improve your speaking skills, talk in English daily, meet people from around the world, and get support & personalized feedback from a native English teacher. And most importantly, you’ll discover you can speak English with confidence!

The Fluency Challenge is an online challenge that uses a secret Facebook group for the daily speaking tasks. Then you’ll use video or audio to complete your speaking opportunities.

When you join the Fluency Challenge list, you will be the first to know about the next challenge and you will receive step-by-step instructions to join.

The best part? It’s FREE to join.

Who is the Fluency Challenge for?

The Fluency Challenge is for English learners with an intermediate or higher (B1+ level or higher).

At this level, you already have a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary, but what you need is practice speaking! You want to become fluent and confident when you speak.

The Fluency Challenge is not designed for beginner students. If you are at a beginner level, I can provide one-on-one training for you but I don’t recommend joining this challenge. It is 100% designed for intermediate levels and above.

If you’ve been looking for a chance to really practice speaking English – this is it!

When is the Fluency Challenge?

The 10-Day Fluency Challenge is offered 4 times per year. The next 10-Day Fluency Challenge is scheduled for March 2017.

Space is always limited. Be sure to join the list to be the first to know about the next challenge.

*Only 100 participants can join a challenge. Priority is for NEW participants and ACTIVE participants. If you have joined in the past but did not participate in the daily challenges, you may not get an opportunity to join the next challenge.

What do I need to participate?

First – are you on my email list? If not, be sure to join the list because the Fluency Challenge is an invitation-only opportunity.

Second. You can participate in the challenge from your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. You need to have an internet connection and the ability to use audio (or, even better, video).

And finally, you need to be on Facebook as most of the daily interaction will happen in a private, closed Facebook group.

How much does the Fluency Challenge cost?

The Fluency Challenge is completely FREE. It is only offered 3 times per year, so don’t miss your opportunity to get free speaking practice. 

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes! There are 3 rules you must follow to participate in the Fluency Challenges!

  1. Be open to taking risks. This is a challenge! That means I will challenge you. I will ask you do to some new things in English. I will ask you to take risks. You might feel nervous or scared. And that’s okay. My goal is to support you and help you make progress. But you must be open to taking risks.
  2. Be committed! This is YOUR opportunity to do something new and make real progress. Give all your energy and focus to this 10-day opportunity. Don’t waste this chance. Space is limited in the Fluency Challenges. Priority will go to new participants and active participants. If you join but don’t participate, you may not be abe to join the next challenge.
  3. Be kind. Be kind to yourself and to everyone in the group. You will meet people from all over the world in this challenge. We come from different countries and cultures; we have different opinions and ideas. It’s important that everyone is kind to each other so we have a comfortable, supportive environment to practice English.

Can I ask my friends and colleagues to participate?

Absolutely!! You can share this Fluency Challenge with your friends and colleagues. Encourage them to join the Fluency Challenge list so they can participate. 

You can use these share buttons to encourage your friends to join:

Fluency Challenge: Success Stories

Dear Annemarie! I’m so gratuful to you for this Fluency  Challenge! It was an amazing time! Thank you for this opportunity to improve my speaking! Thanks for your support and inspiration!!! I’m looking forward to a new Fluency Challenge! I’ll be there for sure! I’m so happy to have met you! And thank you so much!!!!

Tatyana, Ukraine

“I try to use every opportunity to improve my English skills, especially in speaking because I have not enough practice in it in my everyday life. [About the challenge] I liked everything – different themes, great result and opportunity to practice in understanding different accents. I have become more confident and have no fears about my English. I just can do it!”

Yulia, Russia

“I think I became more confident, a little more fluent, and I start to think in English, not like before, first in my mind I thought in Ukrainian, then in my mind translated into English and only after that I spoke. The most I love in this challenge that I have got such a big and great experience. I met so many interesting people. People that are from different countries, different religions, different customs and traditions, we are different and at the same time so close and equal.”

Victoria, Ukraine

“I felt at the beginning and had mixed feelings because I was afraid of the mistakes I might make. But I started to feel happy when I did some challenges differently . In our country, we generally don’t give much importance to fluency but accuracy, we don’t have much practice because we don’t teach and learn how to use English in a contextualised way , we don’t do such activities that obliges us to talk about ourselves, skills, wishes….ect. As for the accomplishment, I have become less shy and nervous even when I met my learners during the first week I felt this power inside me. Also, I have been able to practise some phrasal verbs and useful expressions in good sentences. I liked the way Anne Marie commented on our tasks and how she always tried to make us think by asking us other questions in the comments.”

Asma, Algeria

“Thanks to my participation in Fluency Challenge I got a great experience of communication with people of different countries, improved my speaking skills and mastered new abilities. Thank you very much, Anne Marie, for your creative, friendly and innovative approach to each student!”

Olga, Ukraine

“There are lots of changing in my English. One of these changes is that I have the boldness to use English with anyone without being nervous. The greatest benefit for me is the feedback and the comments after making challenges, and I learned a lot from my teacher and the other participants.”

Shatha, Jordan

Dear Annemarie, I’m very grateful that I’ve joined the fluency challenge.  It was of great help for me. I could see the improvements of my confidence through this challenge. You’re one of my favourite teachers, because you focus on how to improve the process of learning.”

Khalid, Jordan

It was a wonderful experience which I learned a lot from. I learned new vocabularies and idioms. I liked the challenge because everyone was supporting each other. There was a spirt of cooperation and sharing. It benefited and helped me … there are changes in my English. I gained confidence and my pronunciation has been improved a lot.”

Mai, Egypt

“I am very grateful for amazing time I spent here with amazing people! And thank you Anne Marie Fowler  for your assistance. I guess, You have a lot of students depending on you, and I really appreciate your taking the time to give us so much individual attention. Your passion and patience has left an impact on me that I will never wear out.”

Natalia, Ukraine

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