Position Overview: Part-Time Teacher

You are a professional in the ESL/EFL industry who is passionate about elevating and empowering women all over the world by helping them develop their English skills to advance in their careers and feel confident in their new English-speaking homes.

You want to shout Yes! to the idea of helping women overcome years of feeling trapped, lonely and frustrated by their own perceived inability to speak fluent English.

You believe the world is better and kinder when we engage in meaningful conversation and you love the idea of creating space for that to happen through language education.

The idea of working on small but dynamic virtual team and joining a rapidly growing online language school with a startup culture is thrilling to you.

Speak Confident English is accepting applications for new teaching positions.

*Requires flexible availability Monday – Friday, including some evening hours. (Note: If you are looking for traditional 9-5 hours and are not available at least 1 evening a week, this position is not for you.)

At Speak Confident English, we act more as coaches and confidants to students seeking social mobility, career opportunities, or comfort in a new English-speaking home: moving to Canada or the U.S. to build a better life and seeking new friendships; adjusting to life as a refugee; working as an executive director and advocate in a human rights organization; a new opportunity to lecture in an international university program; or starting a new company and working with international clients.

Our team works to bring compassion, support, and kindness to the life of each client while also providing practical instruction in how to develop confidence in English. And we believe every success, no matter how big or small, is worthy of celebration.

Job Offer Details

  • Part-time teaching position with small group classes via our Advanced Conversation course (starting at 4-6 hours/week).
  • Potential to add hours via project-development, 1:1 teaching, and with new small group classes as we increase the number of classes offered (after an initial 90-day trial period).
  • Join a thriving community of highly-engaged students and a passionate international team.
  • Provide lessons to students from around the world on topics that are relevant, practical and provide social mobility + professional opportunities.
  • Work from anywhere — but you must be able to meet our Internet requirements at all times.
  • Competitive hourly rates for small group and 1:1 classes.

Reading this makes you say, “Yes!! This is me!”

  • You’re a professional; punctual, engaged, and highly self-motivated.
  • You have strong communication skills; you’re an empathetic listener who takes interest in others and can engage others in conversation easily.
  • The idea of using creativity and innovation in the classroom, combined with adopting non-traditional materials for teaching, excites you.
  • You thrive on going over and above and always seek to over-deliver to customers and to others on your team. Mediocre is not a word in your vocabulary.
  • You love helping your students build confidence and have a knack for drawing out shy students.
  • You take pride in your work and believe in doing it right the first time.
  • You understand how to provide and are energized by outstanding customer experience.
  • You keep track of details and are well organized. You almost never have one of those, “I don’t know what happened to that… (email, request, document, etc.)” kind of moments.
  • When faced with a problem or challenge, you’re likely to do what it takes to figure things out first but aren’t afraid to ask for help when needed. 
  • You are tech savvy and love spending time online.
  • You’re comfortable being on video in the classroom. 
  • You enjoy engaging with others on social media.
  • You’re a clear, competent speaker; you’re aware of your body language, facial expressions, and voice when speaking (in other words, you don’t overuse verbal ticks or struggle with expressing yourself).
  • You’re 100% okay with autonomy and can contribute to a collaborative team.
  • You have excellent time management skills and can easily set up a productive remote-working environment.
  • You’re great at creating productive routines and removing distractions when working virtually.
  • You are coachable; you can handle direct feedback and can course-correct when necessary.
  • You’re ready to embrace the values and mission of Speak Confident English and its community.

If you can say yes to these statements, it’s a huge PLUS.

  • You have overseas living and teaching experience.
  • You’re proficient or fluent in a second language (B1 or higher).
  • You have experience teaching online.

This position is not for you if…

  • You don’t have strong and reliable Internet service at all times — whether at home or while traveling.
  • You often have technology problems that freak you out or that you can’t solve.
  • You have a slow, old computer that often crashes or has viruses.
  • You prefer daily verbal communication with your supervisor and team over written communication.
  • You have limited availability or are seeking a Monday – Friday job with traditional business hours.
  • You don’t accept regular and detailed feedback well.
  • You don’t meet deadlines well, can’t manage your time, and have a hard time following through.
  • You’re looking for a “side” job while growing your own online teaching business.
  • You’re looking for an online job that doesn’t require additional planning time and serious work.
  • You love traditional classroom teaching and want to stick to a traditional book-based curriculum with quizzes and tests to measure progress.

Essential Skills and Requirements

Please note that we’re serious about these minimum requirements and will not consider anyone who doesn’t meet them.

  • TESOL qualification – CELTA or equivalent
  • Minimum of 3 years teaching experience with adults/professionals 
  • Comfortable online and on video
  • You live in one of the following time zones: GMT -5, -6, -7, -8 (also known as Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific time in the U.S.)
  • Must understand world time zones and how they work. Students in your classes will live all over the world; they’ll expect you to be timely and aware of time zone differences.

Location — This position is 100% online. You may work for a home office or while traveling but you must always be in a location that is quiet and will not disrupt our live video classes in any way.

Availability — Your timezone and availability are critical. Looking for flexible availability Monday – Friday, including some evening hours.

Equipment — You have your own computer or laptop that is fast, reliable and virus-free. You will need to install Google Drive and Zoom. You’ll also need a quiet space, a quality microphone (or headphones), and video that will enable clear communication during live classes. A phone is not acceptable.

Internet — You must maintain consistent access to a fast and reliable internet connection. If you intend to travel while working this must remain your number one daily priority.

We’re looking for someone who cares about our mission and our clients; someone who really wants to be on our team and who embraces what we do with enthusiasm, not someone just looking for an online teaching job. We aim to grow Speak Confident English sustainably with teachers and specialists who can contribute to the company’s vision and offer skilled, compassionate assistance to our professional clients.


More about Advanced Conversation and 1:1 Classes

Advanced Conversation is a month-to-month course available to students who have completed Fluency School, our flagship course. Students who join are highly-motivated and have a B1+ level or higher.

Every month introduces a new theme combined with the relevant vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Past themes include rom-coms and stories of love through podcasts, the use of slang in daily conversation and at work, giving planned and impromptu presentations/speeches, dealing with emergency situations, and navigating controversial conversations.

Students have classes two days per week.

All the lesson plans and materials will be provided for you and shared via Google Drive. You will need to review the lesson plan and be familiar with the content prior to the lesson. You’ll then provide a live video lesson using Zoom with our students and guide them through the lesson, offering encouragement, feedback, support, and enthusiasm. At every step we aim to plant and nurture self-confidence.

At the end of each lesson, you’ll need to follow our procedures so that students can view the recorded session (all our classes are recorded) and our team can upload necessary materials to our online course platform.

You’ll also need to engage with our community online in our private groups throughout the week.

With our 1:1 classes, you’ll have the opportunity to develop S.M.A.R.T. goals with each student. You’re encouraged to combine your creativity with our teaching style in developing lessons that help students meet their goals.

You’ll have access to our online scheduling calendar so students can easily select class dates and times based on your availability.

How to Apply

  1. Review this job description to ensure you meet the minimum requirements and are available at the specified times.
  2. Complete this application.

We’re looking for someone who cares about our mission and our clients; someone who wants to be on our team and grow with us; someone who embraces what we do with enthusiasm. 

We aim to grow Speak Confident English sustainably with teachers and specialists who can contribute to the company’s vision and offer skilled, compassionate assistance to our professional clients.

Applications that fail to complete the form or show genuine interest in our work and our community will not be considered.

Although we permit side jobs/work outside this position, it must not compete or overlap with the work we do, or interfere with your role and responsibilities within the team. Any efforts to build an online teaching business, provide English coaching online or work in related areas such as building an online business, creating online courses, or seeking private online students are not permitted. This allows us to build a united front, display that we are a team, and are able have a greater impact.


Speak Confident English values the role of its teachers and specialists. We seek to grow a sustainable, committed team and view this as an investment in the company. As a result, we work to provide competitive compensation.

Rates for small group classes start at $25+ USD per hour (based on relevant experience). Full details for compensation will be discussed with competitive candidates in the job interview.

Learn More about Speak Confident English

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