“One for all, All for one!

 This famous motto of the Three Musketeers – who were four: Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D ‘Artagnan – from the novel by Alexandre Dumas, also applies perfectly to Fluency School.

How? The quality, support, and drive of the entire Fluency School Team and the enthusiasm of all students to improve was heartwarming.

​My goal was to gain confidence so that I feel more relaxed during an English conversation. Now I feel less stuck and speak with more confidence, with a natural speed that makes it easier to understand.

So I’m overjoyed to see how much progress I’ve made in this course!

With the endless support of Fluency School, I’ve achieved my goal and breakthroughs.

I realized my dream and did it lesson after lesson – thanks to everyone!

I’m so grateful!”

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