“Hands down, this is one of the best English-speaking courses out there. I really wish I would have found this a few years ago when I started my English journey. I would have reached my goals faster,  but I am glad I have found this now.

The content, videos, coaching sessions, and feedback are very well organized and professional quality. Although these are group coaching sessions, it felt like one-on-one sessions with the keen interest shown by the instructors.

Last but not the least, helping me and all of the students with patience, smile and kindness by all the instructors during the entire journey were phenomenal and very inspirational.

This program has helped me and tremendously. It helps  people from all over the world for whom English is a second language and also I personally feel for English Speakers outside of US, but does a lot of interactions/business with native Speakers from the USA.

Bottom line, this is NOT just an English coaching course rather, it might change your life for better if you are open to excellence in your life. Thank you very much Annemarie and team.”

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