#272: Write Compelling Emails in English with Elena Mutonono

Apr 19, 2023 | Business Professional English, How To Develop Skills

Get ready to write worry-free emails in English that will communicate your message effectively.

Recently I chatted with Elena Mutonono, a business coach with an English-teaching background, on the art of writing emails in English.

In the past, I’ve shared lessons on How to Write Professional Emails Step-by-Step and How to Write Better Emails + Avoid Mistakes.

This interview with Elena goes beyond the basics. As a business coach, Elena works with clients on how to write effective emails.

Whether you’re writing to provide an update to your team, introduce yourself to a potential new client, or follow up on a job interview, Elena’s tips will help you write compelling emails — emails that capture attention and convey your message.

Write Compelling Emails in English

In this interview, Elena shares her expertise on how to:

  • Develop mindset shifts to overcome the fears and frustrations of communicating via email in English.
  • Write a compelling email that not only gets read but also answered.
  • Follow up if an email goes unanswered.
  • Handle mistakes or misunderstood emails.
  • Avoid reading into content and overcome communication gaps.

About Elena Mutonono

Elena Mutonono is a seasoned business coach who helps online language teachers move beyond 1:1 lessons and create a smarter system that lets you teach on your own terms and guarantees a stable income.

Elena is the author and co-author of 6 books, the voice behind the OnlineBound podcast, the creator of several online courses, and the hostess in the Smart Teacher’s Library — a community for online language teachers and coaches.

She is one of the organizers of the Online Teacher Summit — an annual online conference that brings together hundreds of online language teachers and coaches and inspires them to move toward working smarter.

Where to Find Elena Online:

Ultimate Guide for Professional Email and Telephone English — Learn More

After you watch, I’d love to hear your insights from this interview with Elena.

Did you gain a new understanding of how to write emails in English? Did you experience a mindset shift that reduces anxiety?

You can share your comments and your questions with me. The best place to share is in the comments below.

~ Annemarie

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