Fluency School Course Is Full

The November course is full and registration is closed. 

Please join the waitlist to know when the next course is available.

Fluency School Course Is Full

The November course is full and registration is closed. 

Please join the waitlist to know when the next course is available.

The Fluency School Course

Fluency School is a 5-week online English for shy English speakers who are ready to advance their fluency and feel natural in English for work and daily life.

Speaking English with confidence requires training, motivation, and consistent practice with personalized support. Without the right strategies and without knowing your progress, communicating easily in English can feel impossible.

Fluency School can quicken your fluency process and remove your fears from speaking English. You’ll develop habits that you can use daily so you never stop making progress.

Is Fluency School for You?
Whether you want to communicate easily in business meetings, present your expertise to an international audience, or become friends with co-workers and neighbors in your new country, Fluency School will help you:
Give your opinion
Share ideas and suggestions
Present information
Prepare for a job interview
Make daily conversation
Participate in discussions
Speak without translating
Succeed in a speaking exam
Tell stories
Ask & answer questions
Use modern vocabulary
Communicate clearly
You can do all this in English – without fear – and build successful habits so you don’t lose your progress.
About Fluency School

Fluency School is an intense 5-week course. It will challenge and motivate you. There is no magic solution or instant guarantee.

Speaking English with confidence takes time, energy, and commitment. And most importantly, daily practice.

My goal is to help you practice and perfect habits that will give you confidence, advance your fluency, and continue your progress in English, even after the course is finished.

And Fluency School does this in a supportive, kind, and creative environment, designed specifically for shy English speakers.

I’ve noticed many changes in my English. First of all, I’m more confident and consequently happier. Now I know I can express myself in English and not only the speaking tasks, but the feedback Annemarie gave me were very helpful for changing the way I see myself speaking English. Cida


Join from Anywhere

Fluency School is 100% online. This means you can join from anywhere.

Use your smart phone, laptop, or computer with an Internet connection. You can be comfortable at home, in your office during lunch, or on the bus on your way to work. You can even be on vacation.

When you join Fluency School, you will access the entire course on the membership-only web page with a unique login username and password.

The small group discussions are live. These discussions take place in an online classroom and all you need is your Internet connection + audio (and video if you would like to use it).

All training materials (videos & worksheets) in Fluency School are downloadable. This means you can save them to do at any time.

How it Works

Fluency School is a 5-week, small group English course.

The course is available two times per year. The November 2017 course is full and registration has closed. Please be sure to join the waitlist to know when the next course is available and important updates.

There are 4 parts, or modules, in Fluency School. Each module includes small group discussions, advanced training videos, worksheets, speaking tasks, and feedback.

Hours of Speaking Practice

The primary focus of Fluency School is speaking practice with support. Every week you’ll participate in spontaneous conversations with our small group discussions. You’ll get practice with fluency-building skills and learn to think in English.

You’ll also complete personalized speaking tasks to improve your accuracy. With every speaking task, you’ll receive feedback, corrections, and support from your native English-speaking trainer and the Fluency School community.

You will access the Fluency School course materials and the online classroom through a members-only web page.

Advanced English Training

The speaking activities are supported with in-depth training videos and Personal Training Exercises.

In the videos, you’ll learn the real language and vocabulary used in modern English today, both professional and informal, plus advanced grammar.

Personal Training Exercises help you to personalize your language focus so you can practice the English you need the most.

You’re Not Alone

Fluency School is not an online course for you to do alone. This is not a course where you can give up and no one will know. This is not a course you can download, watch the first class, and then forget about it until next week or next month.

It is a course with an English trainer who cares about your success and is ready to follow your progress. 

Working alone, without clear guidance and feedback, can be discouraging. Most students give up.

But if you’re ready to work and commit to Fluency School, I’m ready to be there with you, to guide you, follow your progress, and provide the personal support you need to be successful.

Risk-Free Guarantee

You can try the course for 1 week with the opportunity to get a full refund. If you do the work and feel that the course is not for you, you will receive a 100% refund.

In order to get a refund, you must do all the work and tasks in Week 1. 

This means you really must take action and focus on Fluency School. I know if you do the work and participate in the course, you will get the results you need. However, if you do the work and do not find value, you can simply send me all the work you’ve completed throughout Week 1 with your request and I will provide you the full 100% refund.

How Much Time You’ll Need

I recommend 5-6 hours of time per week to participate in small group discussions, watch training videos, and complete your speaking tasks.

The more you give to Fluency School, the more progress you’ll make. One of the best parts of Fluency School is your opportunity to communicate with Annemarie and other students in the course.

You can schedule your small group discussions on the days and times that work for you. Watch training videos and complete speaking tasks on your own time.

You’ll Get Support at Every Step
If you feel unsure and you’re not sure where to start, I can help. This might be your first online class. It might be your first speaking class. You’ll have support, encouragement, and help at every step.
Dedicated, Positive Teacher
I’m committed to your success. I’ll be ready to guide you, encourage you, answer questions, and give you the feedback you need to do well in Fluency School.
Experienced, Motivational Support
You’ll get additional support and encouragement from former Fluency School students. They already finished the program successfully and are ready to help you do the same.
Active Online Community
You’ll join a private, friendly community with past and present Fluency School students. Ask questions, share ideas, and continue to communicate with your classmates and teacher.
Feedback and Support

In every module of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to share comments and ask questions. You can also contact me anytime.

Fluency School Curriculum
Find out exactly what you get and what you’ll learn in Fluency School. Make sure it’s what you need.
25 hours of small group conversation
12 personalized speaking tasks
In-depth, personal feedback on every task
Easy to download videos & worksheets
Advanced vocabulary & grammar guides
Private support community

Risk-free guarantee

Unlimited Small Group Discussions

During Fluency School, you have the opportunity to join unlimited small groups discussions 5 days per week. Practice spontaneous conversation, modern vocabulary, and fluency-building skills with your native English teacher in a small group.

Most students get an average of 25 hours of small group conversation speaking practice during Fluency School.

Value: $350 USD Included with your Fluency School Registration
Personal Speaking Training & Feedback

Focus on the speaking practice you need the most. With personalized speaking tasks, you’ll improve your accuracy, pronunciation, and advance your English skills with encouragement and guidance at every step.

You’ll receive a personal evaluation with feedback from your teacher, on each speaking activity, to track your progress and help you improve during the course.

Value: $200 USD Included with your Fluency School Registration
Advanced Training Videos & Worksheets

Master the most important skills for fluent conversations in English and then practice. You’ll learn how to start a conversation, tell a story, answer questions (such as job interviews), share your opinion, present information, and much more.

Get all the tools you need to be ready for any conversation. Then immediately get the practice you need in our discussions and speaking activities.

Value: $80 USD Included with your Fluency School Registration
The Core Curriculum
Here’s exactly what you’ll learn at every step.

Why you’re here and how to be successful.

There are two things that are essential to your success in Fluency School.

First, you should know exactly what you want to accomplish in Fluency School and prepare for success. My special training series Formula for Success will help you do just that.

Second, it’s important that you feel 100% comfortable with the course, your teacher, and your classmates. This may be your first online course. You may be feeling nervous. Don’t worry. I’m going to help you.

During this first week, we’ll review and perfect basic introduction skills with follow-up questions so you can get to know everyone in the class and take the first steps with improving your speaking skills.

Everyday conversations in English.

Sometimes even the most basic conversations are the most difficult. You might forget simple words or just feel nervous. Maybe you’re tired of people saying, “What did you say?”

In this module, you’ll learn how to start conversations and how to continue conversations. This might be talking to someone at the bank or your child’s teacher at school. It might be meeting your new neighbors.

If typical English small talk is stressful for you, you’ll be able to chat with colleagues without fear and without translating in your mind.

And finally, you’ll learn what do to when you don’t understand someone without panic.

Speaking at length – even when everyone is listening to you and watching you.

Sounds scary, right? Do you worry about everyone judging you when you speak English? Do you panic when someone asks your opinion at a business meeting? Or do you wish you could tell stories in English more easily?

Whether you’re preparing for job interviews, running business meetings, building relationships with potential clients or trying to make new friends in English, Module 3 will make it easier.

You’ll  know how to speak for several minutes in English clearly and with confidence.

Participate in discussions, even if the topic is new to you in English. 

Do you sometimes listen to your colleagues speak English and wish you could join them? Do you feel embarrassed or alone because you can’t join their conversations?

Module 4 is the most fun in Fluency School because you’ll learn how to join and discuss a variety of topics, even when the topic is new. Practice techniques that will help you sound natural and at ease in English.

After this module, you won’t need to stay quiet in conversations. You’ll be ready to say what you want.

The capstone of your Fluency School Course.

A capstone is a high point or final achievement. And with this final module, you and I will measure the progress you made during the course.

You’ll combine everything you’ve learned from the course in the final discussions and speaking activities. One previous student in Fluency School said, “You will be confident. You will be satisfied with yourself.” And that is exactly how you’ll feel after this module.

And that is exactly how you’ll feel after this module.

Small Group Discussions Schedule

There are 14 small group discussion classes available during each week of Fluency School. You can select the dates and times that work best for you.

Here is an outline of the November 2017 Fluency School Calendar

**IMPORTANT** All times listed below are in U.S. Central Standard Time (Chicago, Illinois).

The class times will be different for you depending on your time zone. You can verify the times for your location with this Time Zone Converter.

Fluency School Small Group Discussion Calendar

Note: Class times are subject to change.

Additional Material Included in Fluency School
With your Fluency School course, you’ll also get free bonus materials and a resource library so you have everything you need to keep making progress in your English confidence and fluency.
Resource Library

Lifetime access to the Fluency School Resource Library. Get immediate access to advanced grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation training videos and guides. New materials are added regularly and you’ll always have access. Examples include connected speech, intonation, vocabulary for controversial conversations, language for presentations, word order, and much more.

This also includes my 70 Phrasal Verbs Native Speakers Use Every Day ebook and worksheets.

Value: $110 USD Included with your Fluency School Registration
Formula for Success
It’s easy to feel excited at the beginning of the course, but what do you do when life gets busy? You don’t have to stress. With this special training series, I’ll help you prepare in advance so that you can complete Fluency School with 100% success.
Value: $59 USD Included with your Fluency School Registration
End of Course Surprise Bonus

When you successfully finish Fluency School, you’ll think: what’s next? How can I continue?

But don’t worry. Immediately after completing Fluency School, I have a special bonus I’ve designed that will boost your progress, grow your vocabulary, improve your listening skills, and give you more speaking practice. And it’s super fun. Trust me.

Value: $129 USD Included with your Fluency School Registration
Fluency School Reviews
Find out what’s possible. Listen to interviews from former Fluency School students.
“I was feeling stuck in English. I couldn’t start a conversation without feeling fear… and then I found your website. I was so happy that I found it. And I didn’t have doubts that I should do the course.”
“Just do it. You will see it’s worth your time, it’s worth your money, and this one month – I’m sure absolutely – will change your life and your English. You will be confident. You will be satisfied with yourself. Just do it.”
“Fluency School definitely helped me because I had a great practice with speaking. Especially, I loved our small group discussions. They were awesome. To be honest, I want to participate again and again.”
Medical Researcher, Brazil
Yoga Instructor, Odessa
English Teacher, Ukraine

Listen to more interviews and read success stories at Fluency School Reviews.

Your Investment for Fluency School

Your investment for Fluency School is $299 USD. This includes the unlimited small group discussions, personal feedback, individual speaking tasks, downloadable videos & worksheets, and lifetime access to the Resource Library and Fluency School Online Community.

There are two payment plans available. You can make one full payment of $299. Or you can make two payments of $175 for a today of $350.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m fully committed to helping you speak English proficiently and with confidence so you can achieve your dreams.

Risk-Free GuaranteeYou can try the course for 1 week with the opportunity to get a full refund. If you do the work and feel that the course is not for you, you will receive a 100% refund.

In order to get a refund, you must do all the work and tasks in Week 1. 

This means you really must take action and focus on Fluency School. I know if you do the work and participate in the course, you will get the results you need. However, if you do the work and do not find value, you can simply send me all the work you’ve completed throughout Week 1 with your request and I will provide you the full 100% refund.

I do this because I seek serious, committed students who are ready to do the work. I take the course seriously and have a very high standard of commitment, support, engagement and results-oriented learning.

Everything You Need to Know


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Founder of Speak Confident English and Fluency School

“I love helping shy English speakers become confident and able to speak with anyone in English, at work and in daily life.”

Annemarie is the founder of Speak Confident English & Fluency School. She has 20 years of teaching experience and has her Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA in TESOL) from The New School in New York.

For Fluency School, Annemarie combined her expertise in English language teaching with her passion for helping professional women with big dreams be successful with English. Because she knows each of us is here to do something greater, her mission is to help women be confident in English so they can be successful.

Throughout Fluency School, you’ll learn from Annemarie, a native English speaker who has trained students from all around the world to improve their language proficiency and confidence. 

Fluency School was created by Annemarie with Speak Confident English. This 5-week course is offered two times per year. Join today to get the free Fluency School training. It's a special preview of the course.

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