Fluency School Starts Soon

Fluency School starts November 6!

I’m celebrating with a free training. Join me to learn how to speak clearly, get unstuck, and sound more natural in English.

Free Fluency School Training

Fluency School starts November 6!

I’m celebrating with a free training. Join me to learn how to speak clearly, get unstuck, and sound more natural in English.

Get the Speaking Practice You Need
with Fluency School

Fluency School is a 5-week course that combines English training, speaking practice, and support so you can feel confident in your English and speak with anyone.


Daily Speaking Practice

Conversation can’t improve without speaking. Get daily practice and advanced training in small groups.


Support & Feedback

Enjoy friendly conversation, daily support, and encouragement for every step you take in English in this private community.


Personalized Focus

Get personal support on what you need the most in English through feedback and one-on-one attention from your teacher.

Waiting for the Right Time
to Change Your English?

Good news. Now is the right time.

What is Fluency School?

English Fluency through Daily Practice

Fluency School is a 5-week online English speaking course.

Small group conversations + advanced English training + individual speaking tasks + personal feedback = the speaking practice and support you need to communicate fluently and accurately in English.

Advance your English speaking skills for your professional life, for future career opportunities, or for English in daily life in a new country.

Here’s What You Get with Fluency School

English Confidence through Encouragement and Feedback

Every day, you’ll work with Annemarie – an expert in developing fluency and promoting confidence in spoken communication – and get the speaking practice you need to stop feeling shy, stuck, and frustrated in English.

Fluency School’s combination of daily speaking practice + advanced training in a safe, comfortable environment creates real change in your English.

With the course, you get:

  • 5 weeks of small group conversation classes for up to 25 hours of speaking practice
  • 12 speaking tasks with personalized feedback from your native English teacher
  • 12 videos on speaking skills to advance your know-how
  • 12 conversation guides and worksheets to boost vocabulary and confidence using real-life English
  • Plus advanced grammar & vocabulary guides, bonus training lessons, phrasal verb practice and more

Want to know more? Get all the Fluency School Course Details.

Join from Anywhere

I believe you should be able to get professional English training, no matter where you live or work. I’ve made Fluency School flexible for busy schedules and different times zones. Wherever you are, you’ll get:


Small group conversation classes


Personalized feedback & attention


Advanced English video training


Fluency & confidence-building skills


Private support community

Be Comfortable

Participate from home, your office, or even while you’re on a walk.

How does Fluency School work?

Fluency School is 100% online.

This means you can use your smart phone, laptop, or computer with an Internet connection. You can be comfortable at home, in your office during lunch, or on the bus on your way to work. You can even be on vacation.

When you join Fluency School, you will access the entire course on the membership-only web page with a unique login username and password.

The small group discussions are live. These discussions take place in an online classroom and all you need is your Internet connection + audio (and video if you would like to use it).

All training materials (videos & worksheets) in Fluency School are downloadable. This means you can save them to do at any time.

Have more questions? Get answers from the Fluency School FAQs page.

Success Stories

Fluency School is designed for shy English speakers.

“I noticed changes in my pronunciation and my fluency. I’m more spontaneous.”


Entrepreneur, France

“Advance and deepen your knowledge of the English language.”


Accountant, Uzbekistan

“In my opinion, Fluency School was amazing! It was different, creative and challenging!”


Medical Researcher, Brazil

Listen to interviews and read more success stories: Fluency School Reviews.

Your Investment for Fluency School

Your investment for Fluency School is $299 USD. This includes the unlimited small group discussions, personal feedback, individual speaking tasks, downloadable videos & worksheets, and lifetime access to the Resource Library and Fluency School Online Community.


Founder of Speak Confident English and Fluency School

“I love helping shy English speakers become confident and able to speak with anyone in English, at work and in daily life.”

Annemarie believes that English should not be a barrier to your success. If you’d like to speak English more naturally in business meetings and with professional contacts, if you want to present your expertise to international audiences, or if you want to make friends and feel comfortable in your new life in a new country, Annemarie can help you do that.

Fluency School was created by Annemarie with Speak Confident English. This 5-week course is offered two times per year. Join today to get the free Fluency School training. It's a special preview of the course.

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Fluency School Success Stories and Reviews

Join Me in November 2017!

The next Fluency School starts on November 6, 2017. Will you join me?

Registration will begin in October. Join my waiting list and be the first to know when the course is open.

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Fluency School Success Stories and Reviews

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Speaking

Fluency School opens again soon. To celebrate, I'm offering a Free Fluency School Training. Learn to speak clearly, get unstuck, and sound natural in English.

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