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The step-by-step program to experience confidence and freedom in your English.

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What is Fluency School? 

Fluency School™️ is Annemarie’s exclusive step-by-step accelerated speaking course for non-native English speakers who want to speak with clarity, confidence, and joy.

Whether you are living in an English-speaking country or using English to excel in your career, Fluency School accelerates your progress for clear, fluent communication — eliminating frustration, doubt, and lost time.

Since 2015, Fluency School has helped students from more than 80 countries unlock their potential and experience real freedom in English. I would love to help you do the same.

Imagine your life in English with… 


Speak with a smooth, natural flow and express yourself with clarity, feeling in control of what you want to say.


Feel free to speak without fear or worry, knowing you have every skill to express yourself and be understood.


Start, participate in, and lead conversations with anyone in English with ease, feeling certain in your abilities.

"Fluency School taught me not only English speaking skills but also communicative strategies. This makes me feel empowered when engaging in international networking."


“If you’re ready to take your communication skills to another level, where you are in a supportive environment, and at the end you will see benefits, just do it. Do it now. It’s really worth it. It’s really life changing.”


“This course has changed my whole self-confidence for the better and I am able to express myself more powerfully now."


"I feel that it is specialized for shy people, or maybe people that feel they are stuck. Annemarie has the tools to improve it."


"It was the only course I got which provided a personal feedback and real techniques that work. I stopped to feel shy."


"I’ve succeeded to build my identity in English. Because of Fluency School, I created my personality in English. I got used to me speaking English."


"Now I’m not worried to open my mouth to express my ideas because I know that I’m prepared for this. I don’t want to stop."


In Fluency School, you will learn to


Learn to initiate conversations with successful introductions and use simple small talk questions that get a conversation started.


Use effective communication strategies to establish personal connections and enjoy meaningful conversations with ease.


Master fluency-building strategies to tell stories or express ideas with a sense of calm and with clear communication.


Organize your thoughts, get the right words, and share what you think, even with little to no time to prepare.


Share your opinions on a variety of topics — even if the topic is new to you — with a clear structure and an engaging tone.


Say what you think in a clear, concise way, whether your participating in a discussion or leading a team meeting.

How does Fluency School work?

Fluency School is an 8-week training program with 6 learning modules and 2 bonus practice weeks. All the learning happens in our members-only course.

When you join, you get:


The six core learning modules of Fluency School with video training.


Downloadable worksheets & checklists for personalized learning.


Access to our Fluency Coaches in the Student Community.



Weekly live coaching with Annemarie.


Speaking practice in our live workshops 2 days per week.


Progress checks with every module to ensure you’re on track.


Bonus materials for grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation training.


Lifetime access to the Fluency School program.

English confidence and fluency are 100% possible for you—no matter how shy, stuck, or nervous you might feel now.

Discover what is possible for you.

Read reviews and listen to interviews with our Fluency School graduates. Since 2015, students from over 80 countries have joined Fluency School.

Meet women and men who are nonnative speakers just like you and discover the progress they experienced in their English confidence and fluency.


Who teaches Fluency School?

Fluency School™️ is led by Annemarie Fowler, the owner of Speak Confident English.

I know what it’s like to get stuck, forget words, and feel embarrassed in a second language.

As a professional with excellent communication skills in my native language, I felt ashamed that I couldn’t speak my second language, even after years of study, countless courses, and expensive 1:1 classes.

So I spent years perfecting strategies to learn how to say what I want and express myself with ease and confidence, no longer fearing mistakes.

After helping thousands of students do the same, I know it is 100% possible to feel confident — no matter how shy, stuck, or nervous you might feel now — and to live the life you want in English.

When does Fluency School start?

Fluency School opens 2 times per year. Don’t miss your next opportunity to join.
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Fluency School™️ was created by Annemarie, the founder of Speak Confident English, to help international women develop confidence and fluency in English. The course includes unique strategies specifically designed for shy, introverted students.

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