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I specialize in building a bridge from learning English to speaking English. Creating a clear path to English clarity, confidence, and fluency, particularly if you’re feeling shy, stuck, or nervous right now.

“It’s a completely new me. I’m more confident and daring to take up challenges.

I feel more in control while I’m speaking and more organized. And I’m able to give any spontaneous response now.”



“I’m happy to report I’ve become more confident and fluent.”



“If I have to pick a word, it would be freedom. Now I feel free.”



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“It is specialized for shy people or people that feel they are stuck.”



“I’ve succeeded to build my identity, my personality, in English.”



A step-by-step plan for progress.

Discover your English confidence with the proven strategy my students use. 

Get my fluency training + my easy-to-follow practice plan that leads to results.


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Better Ways to Say Yes, No, Maybe, and I Can’t in English

Better Ways to Say Yes, No, Maybe, and I Can’t in English

At its best, saying “maybe” to an invitation is awkward. It might sound like you don’t want to go. And at its worst, it can sound rude. Are there better ways to say yes, no, maybe, or I can’t in English? Absolutely. Here’s how to accept and decline invitations + requests in English.

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Speak Confident English is an online English education company created to inspire, educate, and coach international adults on how to build the courage and confidence they need to be successful in English—for work and daily life.

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