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What I love most about the CWC is that the journey of improving and practicing the English language is a joyful experience. We acquire skills and knowledge with professional guidance within a supportive environment.



It's cheerful, committed, and friendly. And I'm feeling more encouraged, with more confidence to interact with people in English.



Since joining, I am now willing to challenge myself more to present in large group meetings. The CWC not only helps us build confidence in speaking English but also lots of life-long friendships and wisdom.



It is a truly amazing platform and community that gives opportunities for the overall development and improvement of all skills.



Every time I enter here I find something that manages to amaze, surprise and fascinate me. I think I have never given myself a better gift!



I love the CWC's inclusivity, multicultural conversations, and fantastic team with a variety of workshops. We get the confidence we need to support ourselves and encourage each other.



Though it is meant for learning English speaking, it's far beyond it, with a loving feeling of having budding connections with many fantastic ladies around the world, with amazing ideas, where we could break through the limits of boundaries.



Join us for supportive learning and exciting conversations that lead to English confidence.

Start your English confidence journey today.

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Follow a monthly step-by-step method so you’re always growing your English vocabulary and your speaking skills.

Focus on What You Love

Fun learning leads to consistent learning. Choose the activities and speaking events you love the most.

Advance Your Skills

Use new vocabulary. Join discussions. Practice small talk. You can even lead a conversation on a topic you care about.

Get Support

In the CWC, you are not alone. You will have support from other women who share your goals and the CWC Team.

Make Progress

Receive guidance as you practice in a supportive community so you make consistent progress.

All membership plans include full access to the Confident Women Community.

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The Confident Women Community

The CWC is a members-only online English learning community for women created by Speak Confident English.

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