Confident Job Interviews

Be Prepared and Confident in Your English Job Interview

You've searched online for tips about job interviews in English. You hope it's good advice but...


Feel comfortable talking about yourself and your career, including your skills and achievements, without feeling embarrassed?


Use the right words to speak clearly and directly, without a lot of ‘um’ and ‘ah’ sounds or fear of mistakes?


Ready for any question in the interview—even a surprise question—not just the questions you prepared for?


Speak in an assertive, confident way about your skills but not sound arrogant?

If you said, no, don't worry.

I can help you say yes. That's exactly what I do and why I'm here.

You already have the qualifications and skills for the job.

But English is stopping you. Fear of judgement. Fear of making mistakes. Fear that your English isn’t good enough. Fear that you’ll forget everything.

You deserve to get the job you want now—instead of waiting to stop feeling nervous and losing opportunities.

That’s what I can help you do. For me, it’s not just about English. It’s about you, your life and the dreams you have for your future.

You don’t need to wait to get the job you want.

What My Students Say

“Many things have changed for me. Now I feel more confident in my abilities to talk about myself and my career. I have all the necessary strategies to succeed in my interview.”

Québec, Canada

I got my new job after a month of joining Confident Job Interview Course!

I got my new job after a month of joining Confident Job Interview Course!!

I was very diligent and consistent, making sure I completed the tasks and sharpened my interview skills! (I haven’t been working for almost three years and I was really nervous.)

Given the high unemployment rate and competitiveness in the country, I was amazed how quickly I got an offer!

During the interviews, I was really confident with clarity, and sharp and able to handle almost all of the questions thrown at me! Now I could understand why Annemarie wants us to do all those amount of exercises!

I truly couldn’t have done it so well without the course. This is by far one of the greatest investment I had made. Thank you!



Confident Job Interviews course exceeded all my expectations!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, support and guidance through such a challenging process.

I believe your courses are much more than learning English. It could really be life-changing experience 🙂 Especially for shy people like me.

I am saying it not only because I achieved my goal of getting a job, but because I feel different as a person: more courageous, positive and definitely more confident. I think all the skills that you teach us are very important in everyday life.

And Confident Job Interviews course exceeded all my expectations! I couldn’t be more grateful for it.



As a result of a strong preparation and dedication, I got the job!

Last year I faced a challenge: I was selected to participate in an interview and a teamwork simulation for a position in an international company. In the beginning, there were 6400 candidates and only 23 were selected to the presentation phase. There were only 3 positions available, so I tried to do my best.

The Confident Job Interview Course was essential for my success! It helped me to prepare myself for the questions during and at the end of the interview and my oral presentation. After reading, studying and practicing I felt truly confident for the big day. During the interview and the other activities, I was relaxed and I knew if I performed as I had prepared, the position would be mine.

As a result of a strong preparation and dedication, I got the job!

Finally, besides the answers for questions, the correct behavior and all the strategies for the interview, what really fascinates me about the Job Interview Course was the opportunity to know myself better, to believe in my strengths and to see the number of great things I had accomplished.

It’s not just about improving the English, it’s about YOU! You as a human being full of joy, energy, and amazing experiences! 



I got the job! I start working next Tuesday and I’m very excited to get started.

I want to thank you SO much for the Job Interviews Course, cause you cannot imagine how much it helped me today.

The interview took approximately 3 hours and included 2 written questions. I was interviewed by 3 people. And guess what? I did it very well. They paid compliments to my background, my English, and they also praised my resume.

All the questions the interviewers asked me were part of our course. Thanks for your support, empathy, kindness, and talent to unlock your students.

I start working next Tuesday and I’m very excited to get started. You’re an important part of it. Thank you again.



I feel more confident to be able to get a successful interview in the future!

This is really a useful course for me not only in my future working but in my daily life as well.

In Module 1, I figured out my own strength and weakness, then I can adapt my skills in the best way. The thing I like best is: What should I do after an interview?

In Module 2. Taking note, following up the interview are skills I should memorize in coming interviews.

Module 3 concentrated how can I answer the interview questions. Matching between my strength and job descriptions is an efficient method in order to answer for these questions, including strange questions.

Last but not least, preparing and practicing an interview with your Modules make me feel more confident to be able to get a successful interview in the future.



I feel more comfortable now and feel like I can beat them.

I just want to say thank you for all of your support, your courses helped me a lot. I feel great about myself, I’m feeling more confident and comfortable when I was at the interview.

Of course, I was nervous too, but I used all of the things I’ve learnt from you – the pausing, postering, questioning… I didn’t think I can survive 40 mins talking by myself. I feel more comfortable now and feel like I can beat them.

Thank you again.



All the necessary information you need to know to prepare your best interview!

Honestly, I’m really impressed with the Job Interview Course. It’s super useful for people who are looking for a job or just interested in a job in foreign companies or English speaking countries. It has all necessary information you need to know to prepare your best interview ever!

I’ve got to know so many new things and practiced them. There’s a big difference between interviews in my country and interviews in English! And it’s very important to know this difference and be prepared!

I highly recommend this course for those who need to get a job that relates to English! Knowing all important details, preparing and practicing your answers you’ll definitely make a great impression on your employer and you’ll succeed for sure!



Confident Job Interviews

Speak clearly & feel confident in your interview.

Confident Job Interviews is a self-paced online course designed to give you the support, practice, and feedback you need to answer any question.

Here's How I Can Help

Learn simple strategies and key words that will help you answer any question. Then practice to perfect your answers.

Use the Right Words & Strategies

Get personalized feedback so you can perfect your skills and stop feeling nervous about your English.

Overcome Fear of Mistakes

Identifty your strengths and learn how to talk about them in a job interview in a positive way that makes you feel good.

Feel Comfortable Talking About You

Use language that will help you talk about yourself and your career in a clear, assertive way, withouth arrogance.

Be Assertive & Clear in Your English

What's Included

You’ll get all the course materials you need with practice opportunities and personalized feedback to perfect your job interview skills in English.

Say goodbye to fear and self-doubt. 

Speaking Practice

Practice every question & share your recorded answers for feedback.


Lifetime Access

You’ll have permanent access to the course so it’s there when you need it.


27 videos for every step of the interview process + strategies to help you succeed.


You can start the course when you need it and complete the course as quickly or slowly as you want.


Receive personalized feedback on your answers so you can perfect them.


Become part of a private online community for support and motivation.



Step-by-step worksheets to help you develop & perfect your answers in a job interview.

Instant Access

When you join Confident Job Interviews, you get immediate access to the full course so you can start right away.

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Choose the Confident Job Interviews Plan that's Best for You

Course Overview

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn


Build the Foundation You Need for Every Job Interview Question


1.1 Identify your strengths. You'll need them for almost every answer in your job interview.

1.2 Learn how to match your strengths to the job description.

1.3 The how and why of telling stories in your job interview.

1.4 How to turn negatives into positives and why it's important.

1.5 The untold rules of interview preparation.

1.6 How to look and sound confident—even if you feel nervous.


Strategies & Practice for Job Interview Questions

Learn common questions, variations you might hear, and what these questions are really asking.

2.1 Tell me about yourself

2.2 What's your greatest strength and similar questions

2.3 Why should we hire you or why are you the best choice

2.4 Questions about weaknesses, challenges, and mistakes

2.5 Why are you leaving your current job

2.6 Why do you want this job

2.7 How do you handle stress and other behavioral questions

2.8 What are your future goals

2.9 Unexpected and surprising questions—Part 1

2.10 Unexpected and surprising questions—Part 2

2.11 What are your salary expectations

2.12 Asking questions at the end of the interview and why you should


The Before, During, and After Your Interview

Essential strategies to make a positive impression at every step of your interview process. 

3.1 Five surprising steps you must take before your interview

3.2 Your body language and handling mistakes during the interview

3.3 How to stay memorable and making a positive impression after the interview

3.4 How to present a professional image

3.5 How to quit your current job (after you get the job you want)


Your English Resume Pack

4 sample resumes you can use and edit and more.

Value $75.00 USD Included in Your Registration

BONUS 1: Resumes vs. CVs—What’s the difference and which one do you need?

BONUS 2: Resumes vs. LinkedIn—Should you have both?

BONUS 3: Essential dos and don’ts for your resume

BONUS 4: Four sample resumes you can use and edit for your English resume

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m fully committed to your success and confidence in your next job interview in English.

Risk-Free GuaranteeConfident Job Interviews comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.* While I cannot guarantee that you’ll get a job, I can help you do your absolute best with confidence.

I’m absolutely certain that when you fully commit to this course, when you do the work, and use the personal feedback to help you, you’ll be ready and confident for your job interview in English. That’s why in order to receive a full refund with the 21-Day Money Back Guarantee, you must show that you’ve completed the work in the course.

This means that if you do the work in the course but don’t feel it’s valuable to you, then you can send your completed work within 21 days for a full refund. However, if you do not complete the coursework, you will not be eligible for a refund.

*If you purchase the Personal Job Interview Coaching plan, this refund is no longer available once your resume edit and/or mock interviews occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got answers.

<strong>01</strong> What are the start and end dates?
Confident Job Interviews was created as a self-paced course.

What this means is you can start the course immediately. When you register, you get instant access to the full course. You can complete the material, share your practice answers, and get feedback as you complete the course, as quickly or slowly as you need.

It’s designed to help you when you need it the most.

<strong>02</strong> What does lifetime access mean?
Lifetime access means you only need to purchase the course one time and you have it forever (or for the lifetime of the course).

As long as I offer Confident Job Interviews, you’ll always get to use it. This means that if I add new materials or update something in the course, you’ll always get to take advantage of it.

<strong>03</strong> What do I need to join the course?
To join and have the best experience possible, you’ll need:

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Access to consistent Internet
  • The ability to watch videos
  • A Facebook account (optional but recommended)
<strong>04</strong> How do I practice and get feedback?
You’ll record and share your answers to job interview questions in our private group online. I’ll also show my feedback with you so you know exactly what you’ve done well and what you can improve to perfect your English job interview skills.
<strong>05</strong> Does this course focus on grammar and vocabulary?
Confident Job Interviews is focused on what you need to be fully prepared before, during, and after your interview + strategies to answer common (and uncommon) questions.

While you may receive some help with grammar and vocabulary in your personal feedback, this course does not provide a specific focus on those topics.

<strong>06</strong> Is there a guarantee?
Yes, absolutely. I offer a 21-Day Money Back Guarantee if you do the work but decide it isn’t valuable to you.

What does this mean?

It means that if you complete the work in the course but don’t find it valuable, you can request a 100% refund in the first 21 days after purchase. However, if you don’t do the work in the course, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

*Note: While I can guarantee that this course will help you be fully prepared and confident for your job interview, I cannot guarantee that you’ll get the job after an interview.

<strong>07</strong> How can I purchase or register?
To register, select the pricing option of your choice. Complete the registration process. After you register, you’ll immediately have access to the course and you can begin to prepare for your job interview in English.
<strong>08</strong> Is there another payment option?
There are two payment options for Confident Job Interviews.

  1. One full payment. Make one full payment of $199 USD and get immediate access to the course. When you make one full payment, you save $71 USD.
  2. Three monthly payments. Make three monthly payments of $90 USD for a total of $270 and get immediate access to the course. This is a great budget plan option.
<strong>09</strong> How will I access the course material?
When you register for Confident Job Interviews, you’ll create a username and password to access my online course.

When you log in to the course, you’ll have all the course materials, including worksheets and videos, the ability to sign up for the live webinars, and an invitation to the private online community.

<strong>10</strong> I have an interview in 3 days—will this course help me get ready?
Great question!

The truth is, it is best to give yourself several weeks to prepare and practice for a job interview in English. If possible, I recommend using this course over 3-4 weeks to get the most benefit from the course, perfect your skills, and build your confidence.

However, if you have just a little time before your interview, you can use this course to help you get better prepared. When you join Confident Job Interviews, you receive immediate access to all the materials, so you can review what you need the most before your next job interview.

<strong>11</strong> Can I do a mock interview with you? Will you edit my resume?

I do provide mock interview practice for $150/hour and resume reviews for $100 USD/hour.

You can schedule these personally with me or save money and purchase my Personal Job Interview Coaching program.

If you’d like more information about mock interviews or resume reviews, please contact me.

<strong>12</strong> What is a mock interview?
A mock or practice interview is an opportunity to do a 1:1 real-life practice of the questions you might receive in a job interview.

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