Confident <strong><em>Job Interviews</em></strong>

Learn strategies. Practice speaking. Get feedback.

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<strong><em>Is this how you feel...</em></strong>

I’m very nervous in front of people. I went for a job interview and I didn’t got it because of my speaking. How to get confidence?”

“Why I always fail for interview? Sometimes, I get confidence but for that day, but then I am so nervous. I do not know why. So it makes me forget everything that I learned.”

“I feel very worried, what if they don’t understand me, or if they don’t think my English is good enough?”

“I have stress. I know people will judge me. During the interview, the interviewer will scan all my personality, all my experience. I need to control everything – my grammar, all my thoughts, to not forget anything in English.”

<strong><em>You're not alone.</em></strong>

Job interviews make everyone nervous. You have to talk about yourself, which is never easy. And you know someone is evaluating you, your job experience, your skills… and your English.

Although job interviews are challenging for everyone, they are especially difficult when English is not your first language. In addition to feeling nervous about the job and the competition, you also worry about your English.

So you feel stressed. You start to search online for tips about job interviews in English. It seems like there are 21,457 websites about job interviews. You’re not sure how many, but there’s a lot.

You choose a few websites that give advice and sample questions. You hope it’s good advice. You prepare some answers.

But is it enough? You’re not sure if you’re ready. You’re worried that you’ll forget everything when you have to speak. The truth is, there is one thing you need more than anything else:

<strong><em>You need real speaking practice with real job interview questions in English.</em></strong>

Nothing can replace real speaking practice.

Of course, you can watch some videos online. You can read some blog articles. You can write your answers. You can even practice in front of a mirror.

All of those strategies are useful and important. There is a reason why many professionals recommend them.

But when the day of the interview comes, many interviewees don’t have the confidence to succeed in the interview. An unexpected question or too many worries makes them feel stuck. And they ask the question: what happened?

<strong><em>Confidence comes from KNOWING that you’re ready for any question… even the most unexpected.</em></strong>

It’s only with real speaking practice using real-life questions – combined with feedback –  that you can know for sure that you’re ready for any question.

Speaking practice helps you perfect what you do well. And it highlights where you need to improve.

Personal feedback from me helps you make those improvements, evaluate your progress, and adapt any situation, any question.

This how you become confident for your job interview in English.

<strong><em>Too often I see students prepare for specific questions but they feel stuck when something unexpected happens.</em></strong>

There is no doubt that even with preparation and practice, you might still feel a bit nervous. That’s normal. For everyone.

Unfortunately, too often, I see students prepare but forget what they want to say before the interview. They thought they were ready. But something unexpected happens in the interview and they freeze.

The difference is: some people let nervousness win. Others know how to control it. Some prepare for specific questions. Others learn strategies to handle any question.

This is exactly why I’m here to help.

I created Confident Job Interviews to help you learn the strategies, get the speaking practice, and the feedback you need to express yourself with confidence and be ready for any job interview question in English.

<strong><em>Confident Job Interviews in English</em></strong>

Confident Job Interviews is an online course designed to help you with your English job interview process – from start to finish.

Get the strategies, speaking practice, and personal feedback you need to be ready for any question.

What’s Included

With <strong><em>Confident Job Interviews</em></strong>

You’ll get all the course materials you need with practice opportunities, feedback, and live training webinars for your job interview in English- from start to finish.

Speaking Practice

Practice speaking with every question to be ready for your job interview.


Lifetime Access

You’ll have permanent access to the course so it’s there when you need it.


22 videos for every step of the interview process + common and uncommon questions.


I will share my personalized feedback on your spoken answers to ensure progress.


Become part of a private online community for support and motivation.



Step-by-step worksheets to help you develop your answers in a job interview.

<strong><em>Plus, two special bonuses...</em></strong>


Live Small Group Practice

Join me for 4 live small group sessions.

Every week during the month of February, I’ll host a live small group session in my online classroom for in-depth training and to discuss the questions or challenges you have.

Value $80. Included in your Confident Job Interview registration.


Free Mock Interview Practice

This is a one-time only bonus.

When you join the February 2018 Confident Job Interview course, you’ll have a free 45-minute mock interview practice session with me. At the end of the practice interview, you’ll also get a thorough review, feedback, and a recording of our interview.

This mock interview comes AFTER you’ve practiced the major interview questions with me and gotten personalized feedback. After the Mock Interview, you will definitely be ready!

Value: $125 USD. Included for FREE with February 2018 registration.


What Others <em><strong>Say</strong> </em>

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, support and guidance through such a challenging process.

I believe your courses are much more than learning English. It could really be life-changing experience 🙂 Especially for shy people like me.

I am saying it not only because I achieved my goal of getting a job, but because I feel different as a person: more courageous, positive and definitely more confident. I think all the skills that you teach us are very important in everyday life.

And Confident Job Interviews course exceeded all my expectations! I couldn’t be more grateful for it.



Last year I faced a challenge: I was selected to participate in an interview and a teamwork simulation for a position in an international company. In the beginning, there were 6400 candidates and only 23 were selected to the presentation phase. There were only 3 positions available, so I tried to do my best.
The lessons about Job Interviews as well as the Job Interview Course were essential for my success! It helped me to prepare myself for the questions during and at the end of the interview and my oral presentation. After reading, studying and practicing I felt truly confident for the big day. During the interview and the other activities, I was relaxed and I knew if I performed as I had prepared, the position would be mine.
As a result of a strong preparation and dedication, I got the job!
Finally, besides the answers for questions, the correct behavior and all the strategies for the interview, what really fascinates me about the Job Interview Course was the opportunity to know myself better, to believe in my strengths and to see the number of great things I had accomplished. It’s not just about improving the English, it’s about YOU! You as a human being full of joy, energy, and amazing experiences!


This is really a useful course for me not only in my future working but in my daily life as well.

In Module 1, I partially figured out my own strength and weakness through a web survey you provided, then I can adapt my skills in the best way. The thing I like best and I have never known before is that What should I do after an interview?

In Module 2. Taking note, following up the interview are skills I should memorize in coming interviews.

Module 3 concentrated how can I answer the interview questions. Matching between my strength and job descriptions is an efficient method in order to answer for these questions, including strange questions.

Last but not least, preparing and practicing an interview in accordance with your Modules make me feel more confident to be able to get a successful interview in the future.



Honestly, I’m really impressed with the Job Interview Course. It’s super useful for people who are looking for a job or just interested in a job in foreign companies or English speaking countries. It has all necessary information you need to know to prepare your best interview ever!

I’ve got to know so many new things and practiced them. There’s a big difference between interviews in my country and interviews in English! And it’s very important to know this difference and be prepared!

I highly recommend this course for those who need to get a job that relates to English! Knowing all important details, preparing and practicing your answers you’ll definitely make a great impression on your employer and you’ll succeed for sure!



Course Overview

Here's What You'll <em><strong>Learn & Practice</Exactly> </em>

Module 1

Your Foundation to a Confident Job Interview

1.1 Get to know your strengths. You’ll need them for almost every answer in your job interview.

1.2 Don’t say “I’m a good communicator” if…

1.3 Two techniques to get your stories ready (and why you need stories for your interview)

1.4 Turning negatives into positives

1.5 Preparing for your interview questions

1.6 How to look, sound, and feel confident when you speak

Module 2

Strategies for Common & Uncommon Job Interview Questions

2.1 Tell me about yourself

2.2 What is your greatest strength and how do you use it in your work (+ common variations of this question)

2.3 Why should we hire you + common variations of this question on why you’re the best choice

2.4 What is one thing you would improve about yourself (+ common variations of this question on weaknesses)

2.5 Why are you leaving your current job (and other difficult questions about employment)

2.6 Why do you want this job (and what this question is really asking)

2.7 How do you handle stress (and other common behavioral questions)

2.8 What are your goals for the future

2.9 Answering uncommon (or strange, funny, unexpected) questions – part 1

2.10 Answering uncommon (or strange, funny, unexpected) questions – part 2

2.11 What are your salary expectations (and navigating uncomfortable topics)

2.12 Asking questions at the end of your job interview

Module 3

Before, During, and After Interview Prep

3.1 5 Steps you must complete before your interview

3.2 Your body language and handling mistakes during the interview

3.3 How to stay memorable and make an impression after the interview

3.4 Presenting a professional image before, during, and after

Module 4

Bonus Material

4.1 Resumes vs. CVs – what’s the difference and which one do you need?

4.2 Don’t put this on your resume (and other things you need to know)

4 Reasons

Why You Should Join Confident Job Interviews

<strong>01</strong> Speaking Practice

Get real speaking practice to every question in the course and practice with me so you’re fully prepared and confident.

<strong>02</strong> Personal Feedback

Get personal feedback from me on your answers so you know what and how to improve.

<strong>03</strong> Live Small Groups

Join me for 4 weekly live small group sessions in my online classroom to ask questions and get opportunities to share answers to interview questions.

<strong>04</strong> Mock Interview

A one-time only bonus!! For the February 2018 course only, I’m offering you a FREE 45-minute mock interview with feedback.

Your Investment

Your <em><strong>plan</strong> </em>for Confident Job Interviews.

Choose the payment option that works best for you.

3-Month Payment Plan

Make 3 payments in 3 months
$90 x 3
  • Interview question speaking practice
  • Personal feedback and support
  • 4 live webinars
  • Course videos & worksheets
  • Private online community
  • Lifetime access
  • SPECIAL: Free Mock Interview
  • *Note: The total cost of this payment plan is $270 USD. You will automatically be billed $90 for 2 months after your first payment.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m fully committed to your success and confidence in your next job interview in English.

Risk-Free GuaranteeConfident Job Interviews comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. While I cannot guarantee that you’ll get a job, I can help you do your absolute best with confidence.

I’m absolutely certain that when you fully commit to this course, when you do the work, and use the personal feedback to help you, you’ll be ready and confident for your job interview in English. That’s why in order to receive a full refund with the 21-Day Money Back Guarantee, you must show that you’ve completed the work in the course.

This means that if you do the work in the course but don’t feel it’s valuable to you, then you can send your completed work within 21 days for a full refund. However, if you do not complete the coursework, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got answers.

<strong>01</strong> What is a mock interview?

A mock interview is a real-life practice interview. For the February 2018, I’m offering a free 45-minute mock interview. This means we will plan a real-life interview for the job you want. We’ll use questions that will likely be asked in your interview so you can practice and get feedback.

<strong>02</strong> When can I schedule my mock interview with you?

All mock interviews will be scheduled Monday – Friday, from March 5-16, 2018. You and I will arrange a time personally and we’ll meet in my online classroom. (I use a program called Zoom, which is similar to Skype.)

<strong>03</strong> What are the live small groups?

In the live small groups, you and other students in the Confident Job Interview course will join me for 60 minutes of question and answer. We’ll go in-depth with interview questions, talk about challenges and concerns, and review great example answers.

I’ll offer 4 live small groups during the course. There will be 1 webinar each week in February.

<strong>04</strong> What if I miss or can't join the small group opportunity?

During the month of February, I’ll offer each small group at a different time so everyone should be able to join at least one. However, you can join them all of you’d like.

If you’re unable to join or you miss a small group session, don’t worry. I will record each one and then share the recording in the course.

This means that if you have a question you’d like me to answer, you can still send it to me and then hear my response in the recorded video.

<strong>05</strong> What does lifetime access mean?

Lifetime access means you only need to purchase the course one time and you have it forever (or for the lifetime of the course).

As long as I offer Confident Job Interviews, you’ll always get to use it. This means that if I add new materials or update something in the course, you’ll always get to take advantage of it.

<strong>06</strong> What do I need to join the course?

To join and have the best experience possible, you’ll need:

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Access to consistent Internet
  • The ability to watch videos
  • A Facebook account (optional but recommended)
<strong>07</strong> How do I practice and get feedback?

You’ll share your answers to job interview questions in our private group online and I’ll provide all of your feedback there. It’s all in one place and easy to do.

You’ll also receive support from others in the course.

<strong>08</strong> Does this course focus on grammar and vocabulary?

Confident Job Interviews is focused on what you need to be fully prepared before, during, and after your interview + strategies to answer common (and uncommon) questions.

While you may receive some help with grammar and vocabulary in your personal feedback, this course does not provide a specific focus on those topics.

<strong>09</strong> Is there a guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. I offer a 21-Day Money Back Guarantee if you do the work but decide it isn’t valuable to you.

What does this mean?

It means that if you complete the work in the course but don’t find it valuable, you can request a 100% refund in the first 21 days after purchase. However, if you don’t do the work in the course, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

*Note: While I can guarantee that this course will help you be fully prepared and confident for your job interview, I cannot guarantee that you’ll get the job after an interview.

<strong>10</strong> How can I purchase or register?

Registration for Confident Job Interviews will open on January 29, 2018. Registration will be open for 1 week only.

The course will begin on Monday, February 5, 2018.

<strong>11</strong> Can I take this course at a different time?

Yes, I will offer Confident Job Interviews again in Summer 2018.

**However, the free 45-minute mock interview will not be available at that time. This free bonus is available one time only.**

<strong>12</strong> Is there another payment option?

There are two payment options for Confident Job Interviews.

  1. You can make 1 full payment of $199 USD. You’ll make this payment when you register and get full access to the course.
  2. You can make 3 smaller payments of $90 USD. You’ll pay $90 USD every month for 3 months. The final total is $270 USD. When you use this budget plan, you’ll automatically be billed 30 days after your first payment.


<strong>13</strong> How will I access the course material?

When you register for Confident Job Interviews, you’ll create a username and password to access my online course.

When you log in to the course, you’ll have all the course materials, including worksheets and videos, the ability to sign up for the live webinars, and an invitation to the private online community.

Then when you’re ready to schedule your mock interview in March, you’ll be able to do that in the course as well.

Your Investment

Your <em><strong>plan</strong> </em>for Confident Job Interviews.

Choose the payment option that works best for you.

3-Month Payment Plan

Make 3 payments in 3 months
  • Interview question speaking practice
  • Personal feedback and support
  • 4 live webinars
  • Course videos & worksheets
  • Private online community
  • Lifetime access
  • SPECIAL: Free Mock Interview
  • *Note: The total cost of this payment plan is $270 USD. You will automatically be billed $90 for 2 months after your first payment.

Free Lessons on Job Interviews

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