Advanced English Vocabulary for Driving

Dec 11, 2019 | Advanced Vocabulary

Recently one of my students asked for a lesson on “English vocabulary for driving, for example: How to offer to pick up or drive someone. How to ask Uber/Lift driver to drop you off in particular place. When Uber driver has lost, which expressions are used to provide direction.”

That’s exactly what I want to help you with today — the common vocabulary for driving that native speakers use.

Whether you want to offer a ride to a friend, need a colleague to take you home because your car is in the shop, or you want to tell your Uber/Lyft driver what they need to know, today’s Confident English will help you do that.

In this lesson on advanced English vocabulary for driving, we’re going to focus on what native speakers say in 4 areas:

  • When you want to offer driving someone else
  • What to ask/say when you need someone else to drive
  • Common expressions to use with Uber/Lyft drivers
  • How to talk about traffic and car problems

Get over 20 phrasal verbs, collocation, and phrases for driving in English.

Lesson by Annemarie

Advanced English Vocabulary for Driving

So let’s start right away with what native speakers say when they are the one driving.

  • “I’m going that way. Want/need a ride?”
  • “Do you need/Would you like a ride home?”
  • “Do you want to carpool/share a taxi/Lyft/Uber?”


Now what if YOU need a right home. Maybe you’re having car trouble or you’ve decided to stay late at a party. 

  • Where are you headed? Could I get a lift with/ride from you?
  • Would you mind dropping me off on your way? I can chip in on gas.
  • Do you want to carpool/share a taxi/Lyft/Uber?
  • I think my apartment/house/flat is on the way to yours. Could we ride together?
  • Can I ask you a big favor? Would you mind taking me home?


Let’s say that you’re on your way with an Uber or Lyft driving and you need to give them directions or tell them to drop you off at a specific place:

  • Could you drop me here or at the corner.
  • You can just drop me off at the corner up there on the right. 
  • My house/apartment building is just there on the right/left. You can drop me off anywhere that’s easy.
  • I know you’ve got Google Maps but for some reason the directions are always wrong. It’s actually better/faster if you take Dodge Street, turn left here and take Farnam Street.


And finally, if you’re running late to work or can’t get to a meeting because of traffic or car issues, here are common expressions native speakers use:

  • There’s bumper-to-bumper traffic so I’ll be a little late.
  • I apologize, I’m on my way but running late due to some construction/a car accident/a bottleneck.
  • My car just broke down and I’ve got to get it into the shop. Can we reschedule?
  • I got a flat on the way into work. I’ll be a little late this morning.

After you watch this video, I’d love to hear from you on this topic! 

What is YOUR number 1 question in English? What would you LOVE for me to do a Confident English lesson on?

I’m currently planning my lessons for 2020 and I’d love to answer your top questions.

Share your answers with me below.

Have a fantastic Confident English Wednesday!

~ Annemarie

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