Fluency School Level II

Advanced Conversation

You made serious progress in Fluency School. Keep it and advance it.

Available for Fluency School graduates only.

Get support and accountability for your English growth with month-to-month small group classes.

Build on the skills you gained in Fluency School and advance your English to a new level.

The classes help me to understand English culture and it makes me learn more quickly than I have ever thought.



I have learned a lot about American culture during the classes and this is very valuable to me.



The classes are super valuable to me. I have built my confidence to speak to other people without being afraid.



I can put into practice my knowledge so I am polishing my English communication skills.



What You’ll Get with
Our Small Group Conversation Courses

In Fluency School you gained new confidence. And you’re just getting started.

Advanced Conversation will keep you going. No guesswork. No stress.

We provide the roadmap forward with our weekly lessons that are more advanced so you can keep your confidence, master your fluency, and take your English to the next level.

Available for Fluency School graduates.


Small Groups

Join 2 small group discussions every week with lessons focused on modern English vocabulary and advanced grammar combined with in-depth training on speaking skills. Our class size is limited to 4-6 students to maximize speaking time.


Advance Your Level

Every month we focus on a new theme and set of skills. You’ll perfect the strategies you learned in Fluency School and advance to a new level with stronger vocabulary and more accurate grammar.


Track Your Progress

Download our monthly progress journals and set targeted, weekly goals with your teachers. Get in-class feedback and support on those goals so you’re sure to meet them.

Develop New Skills Every Month

Our rotation of classes offers the continued practice of key Fluency School strategies plus an introduction to advanced-level communication skills, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

The Advanced Conversation program offers an 18-month curriculum for small group classes 2 days per week with a different theme each month, allowing students to expand their knowledge and abilities. Although the themes change monthly, students continue to practice key strategies and skills for two months at a time to ensure greater confidence and accuracy.

All materials will be provided to you before each class and materials from previous months are available in the resource library.

Why It Matters

In Fluency School, you learned a variety of new strategies.

Strategies designed for progress in your English confidence and fluency.

Advanced Conversation gives you the opportunity to refine, perfect, and cement these skills in your English — in other words, they become natural to you.

What You Will Learn To Do

Speak With Fluency

Speak at length clearly, without significant pauses or fillers, and speak to a variety of topics, including topics outside of your comfort zone and abstract topics such as culture, philosophy, beliefs, art, etc.

Accuracy & Variety

Use the correct grammar tense most of the time and you’re able to correctly use a variety of sentence structures and vocabulary when speaking, including figurative language. 

Communicate effectively

Start, lead, and participate in conversations effortlessly, requesting clarification when needed, and respond to questions — both expected and unexpected — without difficulty.

Be Clear & Organized

Be consistently able to organize your thoughts, ideas, and details and communicate in a way that is clear and easily understood by native speakers and your classmates.

Keep Skills & Information

Be able to remember and use new grammar structures, vocabulary, and skills from month-to-month. In other words, if you learn something new one month, you can keep it and continue to use what you’ve learned effortlessly.

How to Join Advanced Conversation

Please watch the video below to learn how to register for Advanced Conversation or join our waitlist for your preferred class time.

If you have any questions, please email us directly.

Follow These Steps to Register

Step 1

Review Our Class Calendar 

Select the month you will start and your time zone to view accurate class times for where you live.

Step 2

Choose Your Class

Identify which class time you would like to join based on availability. Please be sure you can commit to this class time.

Step 3


Follow the steps to register. Include the class you want to join. When you register, you reserve your spot in the class.

Advanced Conversation Class Schedule

Please review our class times and availability.
You will see how many spots are available for our classes.

👉 Be sure to select the month you will start and the time zone where you live to view the class times and availability correctly.

Have a question? Please review our FAQs.

Join Advanced Conversation


Answers to commonly asked questions.

How much does Advanced Conversation cost?

Advanced Conversation is $180* USD per month.

We also provide a 3-month plan for $480. When you pay for 3 months, you save $60. (This plan must be used for 3 consecutive months, for example, June, July, August. They cannot be separated over time.)

*Please note this investment is subject to change.

I haven't taken Fluency School but I'd like to join.

I’m thrilled you’d like to learn with me but this course is ONLY available for Fluency School graduates.

I recommend that you register to join me for the next Fluency School course.

Registrations from non-Fluency School graduates will immediately be declined and refunded. 

How many small group classes can I join?

You may schedule 2 classes per week.

Currently we offer a Monday/Wednesday schedule and a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. 

We ask that our students choose a schedule and class time that they can commit to every week. This helps us ensure small group classes and helps our students develop meaningful relationships in the process of advancing their English skills.


How long is this course?

Advanced Conversation is a month-to-month course. This means that you can join for just one month or you can choose to join multiple months.

Your membership in the course will automatically renew every month, which means you will be billed $180 USD every month (or every 3 months if you select the 3-month payment plan).

Who teaches Advanced Conversation?

The Teaching Team at Speak Confident English. All of our teachers are trained by Annemarie and are familiar with the Fluency School and Speak Confident English methods.

What if I only want to join for one month?

No problem.

When you join, you will pay for the first month ($180). After one month, you can then pause or cancel your membership at any time.

However, you must do this before your next billing cycle. You will automatically be billed for $180 every month unless you pause or cancel.

We cannot provide a refund once you’ve been billed for a month.


Who can join?

Fluency School II: Advanced Conversation is only available for former Fluency School students.

The skills and themes of the course are based on what you learned in Fluency School.

Will there be materials available or homework to do? Do I need to watch videos and complete speaking tasks?

This course is 100% focused on the small group conversation classes – just like the classes you participated in during Fluency School.

In each class, you’ll continue to master the speaking skills you gained in the course.

There will not be any videos or speaking tasks in this conversation course.

When necessary for the weekly small groups, we will provide materials that will help you develop your speaking skills, expand your vocabulary, and deepen your grammar knowledge.

Do we get feedback like in Fluency School?

In Advanced Conversation (AC), all feedback is provided directly in class, just like in a traditional classroom.

With each new month in AC, we set targeted goals on a variety of communication skills, grammar structures, vocabulary, and more.

From week to week, assessment activities are included in our classes to ensure that you are successfully gaining the target skills for each month. 

We also provide a monthly progress journal so you can track what you are learning and how you are progressing every week.

We do not have individual speaking challenges or feedback every week; instead, we provide homework tasks at the end of each class that will be reviewed in the following class.

I joined Fluency School a year ago. Can I still join Advanced Conversation now?

Absolutely! Advanced Conversation is available to you whenever you would like to join, now or at a later date.

What if I miss a class?

All classes will be recorded and shared only with our group.

We also provide class notes at the end of every class. 

If you miss a class, you can always catch up with the recordings and notes.

I need to pause or cancel my membership. How can I do that?

Good news — it’s simple to cancel your membership.

But first, as of January 1, 2023, we will not be able to pause student memberships.

However, with our course platform, students can cancel their membership at any time.


If you prefer NOT to lose your spot in the class, you can also select one of these options:

  1. Keep your membership and attend classes while on vacation.
  2. Keep your membership and watch the recorded lessons you missed.
  3. Cancel your membership in advance, before you are charged for the full month. We provide the precise steps to cancel your membership in our course platform.

👉 Please remember that students need to cancel their membership before their next payment in order to avoid getting charged. We do not provide refunds once a payment has been made.

When you are ready to rejoin, you can email us at [email protected]

At that time, we will let you know what class options are currently available for you.


*IMPORTANT: When you cancel your membership, we will offer the spot to another student on our waiting list. That means the class may be full when you want to restart your classes. If you cancel your membership and decide to restart later, you’ll need to restart at the current Advanced Conversation cost.

I forgot to pause my membership. Can I get a refund?

We have a limited number of spots available for Advanced Conversation and schedule our teachers based on the number of registrations. Once your payment is made, this blocks another student from joining and we assume you will attend the course.

For this reason, no refunds are provided for Advanced Conversation.

**It’s important to plan ahead if you need to pause or cancel your membership so you don’t make an accidental extra payment.**

Can I join any class time I want? Can I change class times when I need?

Great question.

We ask students to choose 1 class time they can commit to and attend regularly. For example, Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 PM.

This allows us to keep our class size small and provide the best experience for every student.

If you are not able to join your regular class time, you may be able to schedule another class time if there is an open spot. However, we cannot guarantee that a spot will be open. 

I can't see the class time I want on the schedule. What happened?

The calendar shows all the class times we provide for Advanced Conversation.

However, we offer a limited number of spots for each class to keep our class sizes small.

If you do not see the class time you want on the scheduling calendar or if you see the word ‘FULL’, it means we do not have any open spots for that class time.

We add new classes based on demand. If you would like to join but do not see a class time open for you, please send us an email. We will be sure to let you know when a spot is open or when we add a new class time.

I joined Advanced Conversation. But how do I schedule my weekly classes?

Don’t worry — we do it for you! 

When you register for Advanced Conversation, we ask you to select a specific class to join consistently. That is the class you will be scheduled for.

At the end of every month, typically the last Friday of the month, we schedule all the classes for the next month. When we do, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the date/time you selected and a link to the online classroom.

How can I cancel or reschedule a class time?

Need to cancel or reschedule? We totally understand. Things happen. Schedules change.

If there is a spot open in another class, please follow these steps:

1. Find your confirmation email with your scheduled class time.

2. Please use the Reschedule/Cancel button to reschedule the class.

Then just follow the instructions.

Super simple. 😊

I want to join but it says Advanced Conversation is full — how can I join?

From time to time our Advanced Conversation classes are full because we aim to keep our class sizes small. We want to maximize your speaking time and the attention you get from your instructor.

However, we do add new class times regularly based on demand. If the class is full, please contact us to join our waitlist. We’ll alert you to new class times and new openings by email.

Will you add more class times?

Yes, we do add new classes or change class times based on the needs of those who join the course.

If you can’t find a class time that works for you, please be sure to email me to me know. If I can adjust the class times now or in the future, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Do you still have classes during the holidays? For example, in December?

In August and December, we close for 2 weeks. That means we do not have classes.

Because August and December are short months, we automatically apply a discount to the billing cycle so you only pay for the classes we offer.

I heard about a class called Mastering Conversation. What is that?

Mastering Conversation is our newest, highest level course! We opened Mastering Conversation in June 2020.

We have many students who work with us in Fluency School and stay with us in Advanced Conversation. As our students continue to make progress and reach a new level in English, we want to provide the right support and lessons they need to continue their advancement.

Membership for Mastering Conversation is by invitation only. This course is not open to the public.

Every month, our teaching team evaluates student progress in Advanced Conversation. When we see students demonstrating specific skills consistently in their English communication, we will invite them into Mastering Conversation.

About SCE

Speak Confident English is an online English fluency training company created to inspire, educate, and coach international women on how to build the courage and confidence they need to be successful in English—for work and daily life.

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