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I’m Annemarie

I know what it’s like to need a second language but feel lost, stuck, and alone. Doing all the right things. Studying for years. But unable to speak. And then I found the solution.

The first time I went to a bakery to buy bread, I froze. I was worried about my accent. Afraid of saying something stupid. I felt like a child and was embarrassed that something so simple — ordering bread — felt impossible.

Let me explain. My husband and I had just moved to France for his work.

Before moving, I studied French for years with classes, private lessons, apps, movies, the news, and more. Then, when we moved, I discovered I couldn’t communicate. I couldn’t speak.

I was heartbroken. Embarrassed. Frustrated. Even angry. I had spent years learning. So why couldn’t I speak?

The day I froze in the bakery, I went home discouraged.

The next day, I got to work to find a solution for myself. I combined my English teaching expertise with my learning needs. I developed my own strategies for developing true confidence and fluency in speaking.

Even as a naturally shy, highly introverted language speaker, I discovered how to become a clear, confident, and fluent speaker.

I now use these strategies consistently to keep my French skills up — and I use them in my native English language as well.

The same is possible for you in English, even if you feel shy, nervous, and stuck. I can show you how.

Since I started my career 20 years ago, I regularly meet women who are too nervous to share their expertise in English. Women who lose job opportunities because of fear in English. Women who feel uncomfortable in their new English-speaking home and feel stressed, even with something small like going to the grocery store.

It’s my mission to solve those problems and help women achieve confidence and fluency for work and daily life in English.

To share solutions that I know work, I created Speak Confident English, Fluency School, and the Confident Women Community.

The women I work with live all over the world. And they’re amazing. I love to connect whenever I travel.

Professional Bio

Annemarie Fowler is the founder of Speak Confident English and the creator of Fluency School as well as the Confident Women Community, where she helps women become confident and fluent in English.

Throughout her 20+ year career in English training, Annemarie has grown from an ESL/EFL teacher to an Academic Coordinator providing teacher training and creating materials, and then on to the Deputy Director of a language college in Washington, D.C.

In 2014, Annemarie launched Speak Confident English so she could focus on her passion: helping women overcome feeling shy in English so they can be successful in achieving their dreams, move forward in their careers, and feel comfortable in a new English-speaking country. She firmly believes that English should not be a barrier to success.

Annemarie has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and her Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from The New School in New York, NY. She has worked as an English language teacher and coach in Pakistan, Germany, Czech Republic, France, throughout the United States, and online.


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About SCE

Speak Confident English is an online English fluency training company created to inspire, educate, and coach international women on how to build the courage and confidence they need to be successful in English—for work and daily life.

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