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About Annemarie & Speak Confident English

But first, you… 

I’m thrilled you’ve found Speak Confident English. Are you curious if it’s the right place for you?

Reading in English is easy for you:

You sometimes use English at work. When you read emails or read information in English, you can understand it easily. You even enjoy reading some books, blogs, or magazine articles in English and you can understand almost everything.

When you listen to people speak English, you can understand.

Maybe you can’t understand everything, but you understand a lot. Native speakers are difficult because they speak so fast and use so many idioms, but you can understand most things. You watch movies in English with the English subtitles sometimes. And you listen to some English podcasts.

You know a lot of English grammar rules and vocabulary.

You’ve studied English for years. You know the grammar well. You can tell others about some of the rules of English grammar. And you have a good foundation in vocabulary as well. 

But when you speak, everything is lost.

The problem is when you speak English, you can’t remember anything. You forget words and grammar. Vocabulary is stuck in your mind. You feel silly. You feel nervous.  You’re afraid no one will understand you. You’re afraid you’ll make too many mistakes. So you stay quiet. You avoid speaking English.

  • At business meetings you stay quiet, you don’t say anything, you don’t give your opinion or share your expertise.
  • In conversations, you only listen. You don’t share your stories or experiences because you’re too nervous to speak.
  • You dream of a new job but you don’t try to get the promotion or the new job because you need English for it. But you don’t feel confident in your English skills.
  • You’re too shy or scared to speak with colleagues at work or English speakers in your community. 


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Annemarie with Speak Confident EnglishI’m Annemarie.

And you’re in the right place.

You’re exactly the reason I started Speak Confident English. 

I believe you deserve to be successful in your career and your life. And English shouldn’t stop you. I love helping professional women who are non-native English speakers become confident and fluent in English.

I know it’s important for you to communicate effectively, to share your ideas easily, and to feel natural when you speak English. I can help you do that.

Speak Confident English is specifically designed for professional women who are non-native English speakers with an intermediate level or higher. I help you develop strong English-speaking abilities, build your fluency and, most importantly, become confident in English. Training opportunities include free online lessons, one-on-one classes, and the 4-week intensive Fluency School course. 

“I believe you can be successful in your life and in your career with English. You can say what you want and speak with confidence. You can be fluent in English… and it doesn’t need to be difficult.” Annemarie

Professional Bio

Annemarie Fowler, MA in TESOL

Annemarie is an expert in helping you become an advanced, fluent and confident English language speaker. As a professional language trainer, she works with adults who have an intermediate level of English and who need to improve their English for work, university studies, a new job, for life in the United States or to improve future opportunities.

Annemarie has worked with a wide range of clients: senior leaders in multinational corporations, small business owners and entrepreneurs, military officers and civil servants, B2B journal publishers, and expatriates and family members adjusting to a new life in the United States.

Clients appreciate her ability to pinpoint their unique needs, identify effective solutions and deliver personalized English training – whether for work, travel or daily life – with motivation and support. She is an expert in spoken communication and preparing for presentations, speeches, debates, spoken exams, everyday conversation, etc.

In addition to her 20 years as an English language trainer, Annemarie has an MA in TESOL from The New School in New York, NY and was the Deputy Director of an English language college in Washington D.C. She has lived and worked as an English language trainer in the U.S.A., Pakistan, Czech Republic, Germany and, currently, in France. Like many of her clients, she lives her life in a second language. Her second language is French.

In 20 years of teaching, some of my key clients have come from:

  • Daimler (formerly Daimler-Chrysler)
  • Molex
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Philip Morris
  • Czech National Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • Foreign Military Officers
  • Health & Beauty (B2B Magazine)
  • Foreign Civil Servants & Government Officials
  • Foreign Diplomats in Europe
  • Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs
  • Naval Postgraduate Institute – Foreign Students
  • Monterey Institute for International Studies – Foreign Students

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