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Virtual Assistant — this position directly supports and reports to our Director


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We are not currently hiring for the positions below but if you’d like to be considered for a future teaching position, please complete the application with the link below.


About Speak Confident English

Speak Confident English provides online coaching and courses to international women who have spent years trapped, lonely, and frustrated by their own perceived inability to speak fluent English. Many SCE students are shy or naturally introverted and feel stuck by the mere possibility of carrying on a conversation in their non-native language, limiting their ability to socialize, carry out essential tasks like grocery shopping, and feel confident in professional situations.

Through its small group online courses & 1:1 coaching, SCE has helped hundreds of women from 78 countries, including entrepreneurs, business administrators, diplomats, marketing experts, medical professionals, scientists, lawyers, and life coaches.

Every member of the team acts more as a coach and confidant to students seeking social mobility, career opportunities, or comfort in a new English-speaking home.

Speak Confident English works to bring compassion, support, and kindness to the life of each client while also providing practical instruction in how to develop confidence in English. We believe every success—no matter how big or small—is worthy of celebration.

About SCE

Speak Confident English is an online English fluency training company created to inspire, educate, and coach international women on how to build the courage and confidence they need to be successful in English—for work and daily life.

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