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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Confident Women Community?

The Confident Women Community (CWC) is a safe space designed exclusively for women from around the world with an Intermediate (B1) to Proficient (C2) level of English and is open to anyone identifying as a woman.

That doesn’t mean you don’t feel shy or nervous when you speak. Our goal is to help you overcome those challenges inside the community.

Furthermore, women who join must be 18 years or older.

All materials created for the Confident Women Community are specifically designed for adults and for English speakers with an intermediate to advanced level.

If you’re not sure of your level, please use our self-assessment.

Why is this for women only?

The English confidence journey can be challenging for anyone. Period.

At Speak Confident English, many of our courses — including Fluency SchoolConfident Job Interviews, and Advanced/Mastering Conversation (for Fluency School graduates) — are open to men and women.

With the Confident Women Community, we’ve created a women-only space that serves the SCE mission to empower every woman to get the confidence she wants for her life and work in English — no matter where she was born, where she lives now, or how shy or stuck she feels.

Furthermore, this community creates deeper connections through shared interests and provides more opportunities to women who may feel intimidated by or uncomfortable with men in the classroom/community.

Is this an English course?

The CWC is a learning community. Inside the community, we offer learning materials, self-learning practice activities, and speaking practice with women around the world.

Just like joining a book club, a professional networking association, or a local gym/yoga studio, you have access to resources and practice opportunities any time you want.

Our learning materials, practice opportunities, and support are always available to you, month after month.

Rather than a course with a start/end date, homework assignments, and deadlines, the CWC provides a flexible learning experience so you can learn when you want.

Everything happens on our own safe, private, members-only online platform.

How is this different from your Fluency School program?

The Confident Women Community is an online platform where you have the opportunity to get

  • speaking practice with other members
  • exclusive learning materials every month
  • access to live workshops

Learning includes online activities, downloadable resources, worksheets, speaking partner practice, and live workshops.

Our members get new learning material every month.

The Confident Women Community is like joining a book club where you can meet and talk with other women who are equally passionate about books.

Or joining a professional association where you get to know and learn from others.

It’s a place to connect with other women from around the world, get and give support, practice speaking, and grow your current English skills through real-life practice with the support of women in the community and guidance from the SCE Team.

Inside the community, the SCE Team provides guidance and resources. However, in the community, we do not provide 1:1 support/feedback, private classes, language training, or traditional classes.

Our live workshops are group learning experiences, like joining a class at a gym or yoga studio.

Inside the workshops, our Fluency Coaches guide all students as they practice and provide corrections as needed to ensure accuracy.

The progress you make in your English skills is based on how much you participate and choose to practice inside the community.

How much time do I need to make progress?

The Confident Women Community is a flexible learning environment that you can adapt to your learning style and your schedule.

Like joining a gym or a yoga studio, you can choose when and how to practice. 

Most of our members spend time in the community 2 or 3 days per week.

The time they spend might be 15 minutes to review our learning materials or complete a worksheet. Or it might be 1 hour to attend a live workshop or to meet with a speaking partner.

Like any learning opportunity, the more consistent you are with your practice, the more progress you’ll make.

Our goal is to help you make the most progress you can with your current schedule and to help you develop a meaningful English practice.

How much does it cost?

We offer 3 payment options for the Confident Women Community:

  • Month-to-Month — $49 USD per month
  • Quarterly — $122 USD per quarter (🏷 Get 2 weeks free!)
  • Annually — $490 USD per year (🏷 Get 2 months free!)

The investment is $49 USD per month is about the same as 2 online English classes with a platform such as italki or 2 yoga classes.

We’ve lowered the monthly membership cost to make it easier for women around the world to join.

When you join, your membership will automatically renew every month. You can cancel at any time.

With every payment option, you’ll have full access to:

  • Monthly learning materials
  • Practice activities & worksheets*
  • Live workshops*
  • Community support from Annemarie and the CWC Team
  • Podcast Club
  • Partner-matching for conversation partners

👉 *New members will receive access to practice opportunities and live workshops AFTER joining our New Member Welcome event.

This is an essential step for all new members. It will give you an opportunity to meet with our Community Support Team so we can verify your identity. We are very proud of our safe, supportive environment. To protect all our members, we ask New Members to join us for a New Member Welcome event before joining our live workshops and participating in the practice activities.

What is it like to be a New Member?

When you join as a New Member, you’ll immediately start learning with us.

You’ll also have access to our New Member Welcome Steps. Following these steps will help you get familiar with the community fast.

The first live event every new member joins is our New Member Welcome.

This is an important step to unlock access to our practice activities and live workshops.

We ask every New Member to complete this step so we can verify their identity. We are proud of how safe and supportive our community is. This important new member step helps us protect all our members, maintaining a safe community for English-speaking practice.

After you join a New Member Welcome event, you’ll immediately unlock our practice and workshop opportunities.

➡ LEARN MORE: How the CWC Works

Is there a guarantee? What if I'm not satisfied?

We offer a 7-Day Risk-Free Guarantee.

The Confident Women Community is a month-to-month membership, like a Netflix subscription or gym club membership.

You will automatically be charged every month unless you cancel your membership. You can cancel at any time.

If you join the Confident Women Community and decide it is not for you, you can cancel within the first 7 days of your membership and receive a full refund.

After 7 days, you can cancel any time to leave the community and stop future payments, but payments already made will not be refunded — this applies to monthly, quarterly, and annual payment plans.

Is there a guarantee for progress?

The Confident Women Community is a vibrant online community where you can learn, practice speaking, and get support. 

Every individual will make progress in her own way and at her own pace. The more time and effort you give, the more progress you will make.

Will I get feedback?

The Confident Women Community is a group learning experience with multiple opportunities to practice speaking with other women.

In this group learning environment, there are two ways to get feedback — from our Fluency Coaches and through other members of the Confident Women Community.

Our Fluency Coaches provide support and guidance on your English journey.

Rather than use traditional classroom teaching methods, our Confident Women Community helps you use what you already know in English and empowers you to create a learning practice that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Our Fluency Coaches host workshops and activities that help you improve accuracy and develop your English communication skills.

When you join a workshop or complete an activity, you will receive support and feedback to guide you forward. You can also learn from others who practice with you and receive feedback.

Even better, you can receive feedback from members inside the Confident Women Community.

You’ll be with women from around the world who share your English goals — including women with many years of learning and practice.

In group workshops and with your speaking partners, you’ll receive feedback through your communication. This happens through natural conversation, requests for clarification, and discussions on what each of you has learned.

Please note that if you are looking for 1:1 instruction or private classes, the Confident Women Community may not be the best fit for you.

How do I join a workshop? And how many can I join?

Inside our members-only platform, we have a calendar with all upcoming workshops and discussions.

Members can review the dates/times/topics of each upcoming event and RSVP for any event they want with 1 simple step — just click the RSVP button.

You can then access the Zoom link and add the event to your calendar.

👉 You can join as many workshops as you would like based on your preference and schedule. Most of our members attend 2-4 workshops per month.

When are the workshops? What if I can't join?

The greatest benefit of the Confident Women Community is the opportunity to connect with other women and practice together.

That can happen in two ways:

1. Speaking Partners. We will help match you with an ideal conversation partner or group based on your English level, time zone, availability, and interests. This means you can create a successful meeting schedule and practice regularly.

2. Live Workshops/Discussions. Inside our workshops, we do large and small group activities. In small group work, you’ll meet other women and make connections that may develop into strong friendships. You’ll also receive guidance from our SCE Fluency Coaches.


We offer a variety of workshops at different times to accommodate time zones around the world.

All of our live workshops with Fluency Coaches, the Community Support Team, and Annemarie happen on Zoom.

The workshop times may change monthly to best suit our community.

👉 All workshops hosted by SCE Team members are recorded. If you are unable to join, you can watch the recorded session and still learn.

Events hosted by members may take place on Zoom or Google Meet.

Like a group class at a gym or yoga studio, our workshops are open to all members.

How can I be matched to a speaking partner?

There are two ways to find an ideal speaking partner in the CWC:

1. In our live workshops, you might meet a fellow member and immediately feel a connection. You can contact members with a direct message and together you can arrange times to practice together.

2. Partner-Matching. Every quarter, we open a partner-matching opportunity. To help match you, we have a short survey that includes details about your time zone, English level, topics of interest, preferred practice times, and more.

After we’ve collected all surveys during our Partner-Matching Week, we will evaluate the information and match you to another partner (or small group) inside the Confident Women Community.

I don't know what my English level is. How can I find out?

The Confident Women Communicate is open to all women who have an Intermediate (B1/B2) to Proficient (C2) level in English.

If you’re not sure about your level, we’re happy to help; please use our self-assessment.

We'd love to hear from you.

Have a question? Or just want to tell us how excited you are to join the Confident Women Community?

Send us a quick email. Our team reads every email. We'd love to answer your questions and join you in your excitement as a new member.

The Confident Women Community

The CWC is a members-only online English learning community for women created by Speak Confident English.

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