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Anna_Fluency Coach

Fluency Coach & Curriculum Creator


On the SCE Team, Anna is a Fluency Coach in our Fluency School program. She also teaches in our Advanced Conversation and Mastering Conversation courses along with creating the monthly curriculum used in our small group classes.

Anna has worked in education for over ten years, originally working in Oregon public schools as an elementary school teacher. Once she discovered the magic of teaching the English language, however, she was hooked! Since earning her Master’s in TESL, Anna has taught for a variety of programs, working with predominantly adult students. She particularly enjoys helping students express their personality and unique character as they develop their skills as English language learners.

Anna has lived most of her life in the very beautiful and very wet Pacific Northwest, with the exception of two non-consecutive years in Japan and a year in Puerto Rico. When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys hiking in the forest around Mt. Hood, camping year-round, and exploring the Oregon coast.

Fun Facts: I have always enjoyed movement arts and over the last 15 years I’ve studied the martial arts kung fu and tai chi, as well as a variety of dance styles including salsa, Argentine tango, swing, European folk, and Bollywood. I’ve taken part in a few competitions, taught some classes, and even performed in front of an audience once or twice. It is rare that I will sit still if there is live music playing.

Anna_Fluency Coach

Community Moderator & Content Creator


On the SCE team, Dawn is a Community Moderator in our Confident Woman Community, and she shares her creativity in content creation on a variety of social topics in the community. 

Dawn has volunteered in various women’s ministries, from human trafficking to working with the local homeless and domestic abuse shelter. She is passionate about coming alongside women and helping them realize their potential. She has an instinctive ability to understand others and anticipate unspoken needs. Dawn believes that every woman has a unique gift set to be shared with others, and encouraging English learners to find their voice and express themselves confidently is the beginning of discovering those gifts. 

Dawn has lived in the Midwest her entire life. She enjoys exploring new places, discovering new foods, swinging in her hammock, and spending time with her loved ones. 

Fun Fact: I love the outdoors, especially being near water and moving my body. It stimulates my mind and calms my soul. I enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, biking, walking, and jogging. Ah but I do not enjoy swimming, you’ll only find me floating in the water. And since transitioning to working from home, I now commute to and from work in the form of biking, walking, or jogging – no matter the weather, and in the Midwest, we get all 4 seasons! I strongly believe the following, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” – Alfred Wainwright 

Anna_Fluency Coach

Fluency Coach


On the SCE Team, Jodi is a Fluency Coach with our Fluency School program and she teaches small group classes in our Advanced Conversation course.

Jodi has been working in education since 2014. She started as a Mathematics Specialist at a primary school in Jamaica and then transitioned into teaching English as a Second Language. Over the last 5 years, she has worked with students worldwide ranging from ages 7 upward. She loves working with adult language learners as she feels she is able to connect with them better. She is passionate about making the learning environment a safe space for language learners to tackle their insecurities with the English Language so that they can build their confidence.

Jodi has spent most of her life in Jamaica. She really enjoys traveling through her own country and the world. She loves to read, work on personal development and spend time with her loved ones. She is also a “water-baby” and is always scouting out beaches, waterfalls, and rivers in her country.

Fun Fact: I would describe myself as an introvert except when the music comes on. I love to dance. It doesn’t matter where I am or who is around, I just can’t stop my body from moving. This is when I feel most free and expressive. 

Lynn_Fluency Coach

Fluency Coach


On the SCE Team, Lynn is a Fluency Coach in our Fluency School program and she teaches small group classes in our Advanced and Mastering Conversation courses.

Lynn has been working in education since 1991; she has taught in her home state of California, in Oregon, and in Panama City, Panama. Lynn has her Master’s degree in English/TESL, and has taught both adults and teenagers who come from all over the world.  Her main goal is to help students become confident and comfortable English communicators, people who can express their unique ideas in their new language.

Lynn has spent most of her life on the West Coast, although she lived for a year in Vienna, Austria, and for two and a half years in Panama. Lynn and her husband love to travel – and still have quite a list of “go-to” places! When she is not traveling, she loves to spend time with people from the international community as they bring their worlds and culture to share with her.

Fun Fact: I love to explore new restaurants – I’m an adventure eater! My favorites include Lebanese, Thai, and Indian foods, although Japanese and Mexican are hard to beat. Speaking of “hard to beat,” there is absolutely nothing like a good book, a hot cup of coffee, and a fire in the fireplace to make me happy!

Lynn_Fluency Coach

Fluency Coach & Content Creator


On the SCE Team, Sharanya is a Fluency Coach, serving in multiple programs with SCE, and she contributes her creativity to the creation of our weekly Confident English lessons.

Sharanya has been working in the adult education field for the past four years. She has taught refugees and newcomers in Canada, adults in rural regions around the world, and children. Sharanya strives to help adult learners discover their strengths and confidently communicate in English. She strongly believes in encouraging learners to embrace their accents and unique identities, as they pursue their English-language goals.

Sharanya has spent most of her life living in Ontario, Canada, with the exception of spending part of her childhood in London, England. When she is not teaching, Sharanya enjoys running, reading books, volunteering in her community, and hiking. 

Fun Facts: I love learning about the way our minds work. As a psychology nerd, I enjoy listening to podcasts that discuss cognitive function, social behaviours, and media psychology. My favorite psychology-based podcasts are Invisibilia, The Happiness Lab, and Hidden Brain. Humans are incredible and capable of achieving more than we think is possible; I believe that understanding the complexities of our mind is essential for a brighter future.

Tanya_Fluency Mentor

Customer Happiness Specialist & Community MOderator


Tanya wears many hats on the SCE Team. She is often the first point of contact with questions and requests we receive and she works to ensure our clients receive the support they need. Moreover, Tanya is a moderator in our Confident Women Community and assists in our Fluency School course as a Student Mentor.

Tanya is a passionate English language learner and speaker from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since joining our very first Fluency School course in 2015, Tanya has become an integral part of our community. In 2018, she was invited to work with us, contributing her expertise toward creating a meaningful and supportive learning experience in our online programs.

As a Customer Happiness Specialist, her top priority is the satisfaction of our students.

Fun Facts: I have a sweet tooth. I can barely live without a piece of a dark chocolate. I usually eat it with my morning coffee. Also, traveling is my passion. I have a dream to visit all countries and meet new people. My favorite place, where my soul has a rest, is in the mountains! I speak Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

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