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Courses with Speak Confident English

Interested in working with Annemarie to advance your fluency and confidence in English? Review course options below.




Fluency School is a small group speaking course to help you feel natural and speak with confidence in English. Learn more

Fluency School II: Advanced Conversation is a private small group speaking course. It is only available for those who have completed Fluency School.

COMING SOON. Get the practice and feedback you need to be ready for any question in your next job interview. Learn more

About Courses with Speak Confident English

You’re here because you want to feel natural and confident when you speak English. You want the words you need to express yourself freely. You want to contribute your ideas, your opinions, and your stories to conversations. And you want opportunity, for you and your career.

You don’t believe in magic solutions or miracles. You understand that fluency will require motivation, commitment, and energy and you’re ready to give your effort for a program that will work for you. But you also want support, guidance, and help from a teacher who is focused on your success.

Welcome. You’re in the right place.

Working with Annemarie & Speak Confident English

I believe… 

You and I are a team. We work together to solve the greatest challenges you have in English so you can be your best – in your native language and in English.

Each of us is here to do our good work. You have something to contribute to the world, you have a difference to make. And – often as a female professional – there are already many challenges to success.

English should not be one of your challenges to success.

My goal is to help you master fluency and confidence in English. I want you to express yourself freely, have opportunities and discover the world so you be successful and contribute in your unique way.

I don’t believe in special magic formulas or overnight success. Language fluency does take work, commitment, and motivation. But it’s 100% achievable. I’ll show you how.

After 20 years of professional English language teaching, I’m an expert in helping you overcome shyness or fear in speaking English, advancing your vocabulary and mastering your English speaking skills. If you learn with me in Fluency School or if you take a self-study course, you can be certain that you will receive the methods, resources, and guidance you need to become confident in English.

And – most importantly – I am right here to support you. So let’s get started.

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