Personalized English Fluency & Confidence
Classes Designed Just for You


One-on-one lessons.

So you can say & do exactly
what you want in English.

You've got some important conversations to have in English. Let's work together — one-on-one.


Too shy for a group class? Prefer to work alone? Get private, confidential instruction from your teacher.


Make progress quickly with individual attention. You’ll begin to overcome fears, build confidence, and improve fluency immediately.


Every class is designed specifically for you and what you need the most. We adjust the classes as you make progress.


You’ll start to love speaking English. We promise.

Our Teachers

Our team works together to make sure you get the support you need in English.





Currently, Annemarie is *not* accepting new 1:1 students.

Annemarie is the founder of Speak Confident English and creator of Fluency School.

With more than 20 years experience, she’s passionate about helping women communicate with confidence.

If you want to learn with Annemarie, you can always join her in Fluency School or Confident Job Interviews.






Kelly joined Speak Confident English in March 2018 and has over 10 years experience teaching English in China and Australia.

She teaches with Annemarie in Fluency School, Advanced Conversation, and is also our lead feedback specialist.

Kelly offers 1:1 classes with a focus on developing fluency and confidence.

She’s also an expert in developing professional skills such as giving presentations and communicating in business meetings.






Eden joined Speak Confident English in 2019 and has more than 10 years experience teaching English and helping students improve their English writing skills.

She works as a feedback specialist in the Fluency School course to personally support each student.

Eden provides 1:1 classes to help students build confidence and improve fluency. She is a grammar expert and has a very keen ear for pronunciation. 

She loves helping people discover the beautiful intricacies of the English language.


How our 1:1 classes work:

Currently we have a waitlist for 1:1 classes as our teachers are fully booked.

Please complete this form to join our waiting list. We will contact you when a spot is available.

Important details about our 1:1 classes:

  • Complete a 30-minute assessment
  • Purchase your classses
  • Schedule classes with your teacher
  • Get classes designed just for you
  • Receive feedback after each class

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About SCE

Speak Confident English is an online English fluency training company created to inspire, educate, and coach international women on how to build the courage and confidence they need to be successful in English—for work and daily life.

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