“In my opinion, Fluency School is a very efficient method of teaching/learning, because the course is very well designed, the teacher supports the students all the time and she is really good. She knows how difficult it is to move to another country and to have a second language and she has excellent skills in teaching. I really appreciate and learned a lot, especially because it was my first online course.
I’ve noticed many changes in my English. First of all, I’m more confident and consequently happier. Now I know I can express myself in English and not only the Speaking Tasks, but the feedbacks Annemarie gave me were very helpful for changing the way I see myself speaking English.
My ability to communicate in English is better and there are many differences before and after Fluency School, such as changing in the way I was dealing with the situation (I was passive) and now I’ve scheduled time to study every day, I’m changing my thought pattern and I’m more positive now that I understood that I can communicate in English.
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