5 Smart Questions to Ask in an English Job Interview

Oct 26, 2016 | Business Professional English, Job Interviews in English

You did it! You’re almost finished with your first job interview in English. And then the interviewer asks one last question: “Do you have any questions for me?”

You freeze.

What should you do? Is it okay to ask questions in a job interview? And if yes, what should you ask?

I know that your goal for fluency and confidence in English is to open new doors and create new opportunities. You want the chance to have a great job, use English, and travel easily. And to do that, it means you will most likely have a job interview in English.

So should you ask questions at the end of a job interview?

The short answer is: yes. Yes, you should ask questions. And today you’ll learn 5 Smart Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview and why.

Make a strong impression at the end of your interview with these questions.

Lesson by Annemarie

5 Smart Questions to Ask in an English Job Interview

Question 1: What did the previous employee do to succeed in this job?

Why is this a good question to ask?

You will learn how the company measures success or progress in this particular job.

You’ll also learn about the expectations and some of the primary responsibilities of the position. This can help you be sure that this is a job you really want and you can fulfill the expectations.

And finally, it shows the interviewer that you are interested in what it takes to be successful in this position.

Question 2: What qualities or skills do you think are necessary to be successful in this position?

Why is this a good question to ask?

This question shows the interviewer that you want are not only interested in the position, but you also want to be sure that you are a good fit.

This question also gives you another opportunity to highlight your qualities or skills that connect directly with the job. If you realize you don’t meet all the suggested characteristics, you can discuss how your skill set would compensate.

Question 3: What are the job growth opportunities with this position?

Why is this a good question to ask?

With this question, you’re telling the interviewer that you are interested in this job for a career, not just a short time. Most interviewers are looking for someone who will be with the company for a long time.

And, someone who wants to grow in the company will probably work very hard and be committed to the company. That is a good impression to give your interviewer.

Question 4: What do you enjoy most about working for this company?

Why is this a good question to ask?

First, everyone loves to talk about him or herself. When you ask this question, the interviewer has a chance to talk about his/her opinion and experience. This also shows interest in other people.

But with this question, you’ll have the opportunity to learn what it is like to work for this company? What are the positives or potential negatives? What are the values of the company or the company culture?

This information can help you be sure that you want to work for this company.  For example, what if the interviewer has nothing positive to say? That could be a big warning sign that you should look for another company.

Question 5: Do you have any questions or concerns about my qualifications for this job?

Why is this a good question to ask?

This might sound like a scary question to ask but it’s great for several reasons:

  • This question shows your confidence in the skills and qualifications you do have.
  • It also shows that you realize you might not have all the skills you need, but you’re willing to learn and do what you need to get them. This signals a hard worker, someone committed to success and open to learning new things.
  • And finally, it gives you one final opportunity to demonstrate what you do have to offer to the company with your unique strengths and skills.

After you’ve watched the video and reviewed 5 smart questions to ask at the end of your interview, I’d love to hear from you!

  1. What is one question from this list you’d like to ask in a job interview?
  2. Do you have other smart questions to recommend? Share them with me in the comments below.

~ Annemarie

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